Actress Cameron Diaz: “We don't need any more kids. We have plenty of people on this planet.”

HOLLYWOOD, CA, June 15, 2009 ( – Cameron Diaz has said in an interview in the July issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, which comes out tomorrow, that “We don’t need any more kids. We have plenty of people on this planet.”

Ms Diaz may have mega millions of dollars and her ‘art’ (can’t recall a genuinely worthwhile movie Ms Diaz has made, though) to keep her safe and give her the warm fuzzies should she tomorrow become permanently incapable of work.

On behalf of those of us without these luxuries, those who through no fault of our own will need to rely on social security in our age and infirmity, which will be provided and paid for by our children …

YES WE NEED CHILDREN! Adopt 'em in by the truckload from parts of the world where they are in need, sure, but BOY do we need 'em. We cannot as a society continue as we are, getting older and older with a tiny coming generation upon which to pin our hopes - it just doesn’t add up to have a population pyramid wider at its top than its base.

And those are just the selfish reasons for needing them. In terms of the selfless ones, we need children, as St Augustine says, to be citizens for the City of God!

Another airhead celebrity babbling about nothing. She probably could hold an intelligent conversation for more than 5 minutes! The sad thing is too many youth look to people like her and agree with her jibberish. We need children. We need them to make the world a better place, to invent and develop new medicines, technologies, etc. Probably the smartest thing she has done is not have children! She is goofy enough without them.

"I’ll take my guns and my freedom, you can keep the “change”. (the best bumper sticker I have seen. It was on a car owned by a Marine, ooorah!! :slight_smile:

If she were advocating that no one have any children, I could understand some of the remarks here.
She does not seem to be stating she made this choice based on christian principals.
There are plently of christians who are making far greater stands against the dictates of the catholic church that are members of her out there than to have to make this woman out to be some kind of horrible person.
Oh, yes there are lots and lots of threads about them also.
Rather than name call this woman, wouldn’t it be better for a believer to pray for her conversion? I’m failing to see what good comes of mocking people with different worldviews. Imagine if her staffers or if she found this thread after doing a search for catholic information.:frowning:


Yes. However, that does not mean we should not expose her for her advocacy the continued genocide of the mankind. The people must be exposed and pay for their actions. In the case of Diaz, a complete boycott of any movie that she is in. Make her less attractive to Hollywood.

Population is a complex topic not easily reduced to a sound bite. Certain areas of the world are experiencing unsustainable growth while others are in steep decline.

What the world NEEDS is recognition by all that a pretty face and some small acting skill do not grant the holder any extra insight in philosophy and politics. In short, her opinion on the matter is about as important as Bubba Joe’s.

Cameron Diaz has spoken. That should settle any debates.

All we can do is pray for her!

Can you imagine if a celebrity interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine answered a question by quoting St. Augustine? Or the catechism? It sounds ridiculous, but there seem to be so few references in popular culture to religion or history, I think it might wake a few people up. A few well placed celebrities dropping positive references to the Church could do wonders.

I agree, but I won’t hold my breath.

Camille Cosby?

" Dr. Camille O. Cosby recently donated $2 million to Saint Frances Academy of Baltimore in recognition of the Catholic co-educational high school’s outstanding accomplishment in providing extraordinary education and life skills for its students.

“If we are looking for solutions to the failure of our schools to educate our children, we would be well served by studying and replicating what Saint Frances Academy is doing,” said Cosby, who holds a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst."

This is celebrity news I like to see.

I’m not interested in what Cameron Diaz has to say. I even think reporting what she says might be giving her too much exposure. Sometimes it’s better to just ignore things. :shrug:

She’s a celebrity. And it’s the job of the media to quote them so their fans can pick up the newspaper, magazine or drop by the web site where the quote appears. It drives traffic and keeps the celebrity in the mind of the public. It’s marketing.

The current fiction is there are too many or ‘enough’ people. The West is experiencing a drop-off in births. The areas experiencing large birth rates are not unsustainable. Their debts to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank are.


(My son wants that bumper sticker, too.:))

Who you gonna believe? God or Cameron Diaz?

As a matter of fact, she IS an airhead, and known as such. She is just spouting stuff that others around her are saying. Plus she has bad skin!:smiley:

i guess she is tired of talking about global warming . . . . :shrug:

i don’t understand why we need to quote celebrities and give their opinions so much weight. :confused:

She’s always good for an intelligent quote :rolleyes:. I remember when Ms. Diaz was on Oprah talking about the 2004 election. She said that if you think rape should be legal, then don’t vote! :cool:

Unfortunately, this is a very good point that often gets overlooked. I am guilty of it myself at times. While it is valid to charitably criticize her statement (in order to educate others), we should also be praying for her conversion.

God Bless,

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