Acts 15:28-29 and boudin


Acts 15:28-29 appears to uphold the Mosaic law forbidding the consumption of blood, but last I checked, eating boudin noir (sausage using pork blood as an ingredient) isn’t sinful.

What am I missing?


I believe this passage is referring to sacrificing animals in a way where one would drink the animals blood before the animal was dead.


This should help


I am not sure that it does help. The relevant passage is anything but clear:

Here we have what seems to be the apostles teaching, at a Church council, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that it is immoral, among other things, to consume blood or to eat the meat of an animal which has been strangled. Yet, how many Christians are cautious enough to be certain that their food does not contain blood or that the animal they are consuming was not killed by strangulation? Doesn’t their Bible teach that they should?

They have unknowingly subscribed to the idea that the apostles imposed these requirements as disciplines which could later be changed.

Other examples could be cited, but the point is clear: Scripture itself is not always sufficient to distinguish between authentic Christian doctrine and authoritatively imposed discipline…

So which is it, doctrine or discipline?


The ecumenical council of Florence in 1442 clarified that this was a discipline imposed in the early Church for the sake of cultural harmony and not a doctrine, and that it is no longer in effect.

For more, see this post from an old thread discussing this issue:

Mmmmmmm…boudin noir…eat it to your heart’s content.


Makes sense.


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