Acts 2, 23 ...definite plan of God


If Christ’s martyrdom and death were part of God’s plan, does this make Judas and others just tools in God’s hand?
I am struggling here with free will and the concept of predestination.
In other words, was Judas predestined to betray Jesus? If not, what would have happened if he had chosen not to do what he did?


Ver. 22-23. Jesus, … a man, who suffered as man, though he was both God and man. — Delivered by the determinate decree, or counsel; to wit, by that eternal decree, that the Son of God should become man. He mentions this decree, and foreknowledge of God, to signify that Christ suffered not by chance, nor unwillingly, but what God, and he as God, had decreed. (Witham) — By the determinate, &c. God delivered up his Son; and his Son delivered up himself, for the love of us, and for the sake of our salvation: and so Christ’s being delivered up was holy, and was God’s own determination. But they who betrayed and crucified him, did wickedly, following therein their own malice, and the instigation of the devil; not the will and determination of God, who was by no means the author of their wickedness; though he permitted it; because he could, and did draw out of it so great a good, viz. the salvation of man. (Challoner)



OK. But, Judas, for example - was he predestined to betray Jesus? Was he born for that purpose? Or is it the case of each of us having the potential of being Judas given the right circumstances?




“TOOLS” is not IMO, the correct word: “Vesicles” seems far more appropriate:)

That said; your concern seem to hint at some sort of predestination: Which biblically is to be understood ONLY as God having foreknowledge of what our FREEWILL-life-choice will be. It does not mean that God overrides our freewill [for God that would be an impossible evil choice];:eek: NOR does it mean that:mean that God “actually creates a person” [as a “tool”] to accomplish what He God desires.

God simply does not need to do this. God is able though alternative methods and means; and is always able to insure that what He desires [having complete foreknowledge of ALL that our choices will be factored in] is accomplished.

Your profound question about WHAT IF… is unanswerable.
WHY? Because God knows ALL things.

Isiah 55: 6-10 comes to mind

[6] Seek ye the Lord, while he may be found: call upon him, while he is near. [7] Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unjust man his thoughts, and let him return to the Lord, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God: for he is bountiful to forgive. [8] For my thoughts are not your thoughts: nor your ways my ways, saith the Lord. [9] For as the heavens are exalted above the earth, so are my ways exalted above your ways, and my thoughts above your thoughts. [10] And as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and return no more thither, but soak the earth, and water it, and make it to spring, and give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater

Verse 10 here is affirming what I just shared

God Bless you,



God knew, but Judas’ choices were his own.


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