Acts of the Apostles Scripture reflections?


Is anyone aware of a resource online or a book that contains Scripture reflections for Acts of the Apostles? I’m not referring to just commentary, but I would really like a resource that contains reflections which would be good for a group discussion. This is for a group that will be reading a chapter at a time and then discussing what they read, and sort of reflecting on how the verses apply to their lives. Thank you!


really? Over 100 people have viewed this and nobody has any idea of a resource? This is something that’s pretty important because as it stands basically each person is bringing their own resource and it would be nice if they could use one standard one.


The combined NT version removes the study/discussion questions that are at the end of the individual chapters:

This is a huge book, very detailed and through. I read it cover to cover this summer, and I loved it.

I am leading a Bible Study on Acts, starting tonight, we are using the Jeff Cavins study.


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