Actual field report from Haiti

Here is an actual field report from Haiti.

i couldn’t get the link to work properly.

i was just thinking this morning that we are not getting the reporters on the ground and on the scene like before. have they all abandoned haiti and only filing written reports for the newswires?


I just clicked on it and it opened immediately.

Let me try to think of something.

i guess it is the same page. i was hoping it would go directly to the link without having to sign in.

[What sign in???]

I get the same thing also.

What we are getting is a page that has a sign in on the right side. The left side is titled “Create and share your work online” and then gives a list of reasons why one should use Google docs. In the middle is a video entitled “Google Docs, A love letter”.

There’s nothing about Haiti on the page.


Every time I click on it, I get the Haiti report. No intermediaries.


Must be the USMC connection.


Let’s try this first.

Then this: *

And then I went to Buck Elton’s blogee thingee:

Well, that last one did the trick for me.

Let me know how you all do.

[Tons of other “good-do-in’” stuff, as well.]

Such as:*

John Travolta. cleft chin. personal 707. Seen his house?; it has nose docks for TWO jets.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if Chuck Norris had showed up, that would be a whole 'nuther story.


OR, an Iranian EMP “hit”.

There is an announcement scheduled for Feb 11.

Check with and click on 33 minutes.

But they can do the job with short range missiles launched straight up from tubby ships a hundred miles off the coast.

yes, i know he is a pilot and i have seen pictures of (mostly likely he has more than one) his house with the docks to park his jets.
very impressive. he’s no dummy, but i just wonder what he thought he was doing flying in there when they were trying to land so many other planes that were so badly needed.

The last link does work. Good article, it does make one think about what will happen when the big one hits in California.

Another report from Haiti:

There are more article; just use the search function on for haiti

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