Ad in today's Tribune promoting hate against Dr.Dobson's efforts

Today in the Chicago Tribune, thiis organized effort took a full page out to get the Radio Hall of Fame from awarding Dr.Dobson from the Focus on the Family Radio program their annual award because of his pro-family, anti-gay agenda. I never saw anything so ridiculous and hateful. I could see this being published in some offbeat publication but to have it in the Chicago Tribune???

I wish I could provide a link to the paper, but the website given, talks about their campaign. Apparently, this will be in other widely circulated newspapers as well.

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We were discussing on another thread the tactic of the homosexual promoters are to always issue personal attacks for religious belief. Dr. Dobson believes based on classic Christian belief that homosexual relations are a sin and gets labeled a “shameful bigot.” The intolerance of the gay lobby shows again.

I don’t follow your thinking. The ad is clearly about Dobson’s work as leader of Focus on the Family, and not attacks on his person.

I said why. He was called a “shameful bigot.” That sort of trash talk** is** personal.

Dobson has chosen to enter the political arena, he has to expect his adversaries to respond. He is a public figure. The ad itself hardly qualifies as “hate speech” it does not call for him to be muzzled as other groups have, they are protesting him receiving an award.

And yet you defended calling Bill Maher evil. Have you changed your mind whether such comments are acceptable?

What are you? Some sort of internet stalker? I will address another thread on that thread. The point is here that it was a personal attack and not just an attack against his show. Yes, my comments too were personal and not directed toward the movie.

"Unless the Museum reverses its outrageous and offensive decision to honor this dishonest demagogue…, "

That to me sounds like an an attack on his person and that is the print article of their website and also is in the ad.

With regard to the Chicago Tribune, under its new management the paper has “jumped the shark.” They’ve revamped the whole format so that now it looks like tabloid. So anything they publish these days doesn’t surprise me.

You are absolutely correct in that assessment. The paper since Sam Zell has bought it and revamped it, the articles in there are hardly newsworthy, like the one today on french boyscouts will be offered condoms. Yeesch!!! :eek: :banghead: :bigyikes:

It is an ad, not an editorial or a news article. Papers have always published ads that are from groups with many varying viewpoints. If they are not obscene or illegal, then it is the group or person purchasing the ad who bears the ultimate responsibility for the content rather than the forum in which the ad appears. You can see ads for groups on the right on MSNBC which definitely leans strongly to the left as a network and ads for groups on the left on FOX which most definitely promotes an agenda on the right.

A newspaper should be a neutral provider of information in its articles although increasingly in this country it seems like most media outlets have staked out claims on either end of the spectrum and abandoned any pretense at neutrality or even moderation. This should not really surprise us since students of history know that we had “partisan” papers that attacked our founding fathers more viciously than anything seen in modern papers/TV.

I don’t believe the language used was “hate speech” although they clearly don’t care for Mr. Dobson or his views. No one tried to incite violence against him or used foul language in the ad. Are we all supposed to jump on the moral outrage bandwagon and boycott this paper or something?

This is still America where everyone has the right to express an opinion that is not in lock step with that of the current government or anyone else. Although I agree with him some of the time, I can acknowledge that Mr. Dobson has said some ridiculous things in the past himself that some people might find extreme or offensive. The only perfect person that I know of lived 2000 years ago and his name was not Dobson.

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