Adair in line for neo-Nazi leader role

EXILED terror boss Johnny Adair is plotting to become top dog of
a violent race-hate group, it was warned last night.
Anti-fascist organization Searchlight said the ex-UDA chief has
been in talks with a notorious fascist pal over plans to seize
control of the English Defence League (EDL).
It was reported in this month’s Searchlight magazine that ‘Mad
Dog’ Adair is being lined up by his old Neo-Nazi mate ‘Mad Nick’
Greger as one of the new leaders of the far-right group.
When Sunday Life spoke to Adair last night about the EDL links he
refused to comment.
But the former terror thug did confirm he had recently been in
touch with Greger - who is also known as ‘Nazi Nick’ - and was
planning to meet him in a fortnight.
Speaking from his bolthole in Troon, Scotland, Adair said: “I just
can’t comment on anything to do with the EDL at the minute. I
have been in close contact with Nick Greger.
“I’m going to meet up with him in two weeks when he gets back
from holiday in Malta .”
Searchlight said in its June mag that Greger had recently helped
issue a “notice of expulsion” to the EDL leadership, along with a
demand for control of the group’s websites.
They added he’d also posted a video online which declared:
“Another well-known man will soon appear within the new
leadership [of the EDL], a man from Ulster, currently in exile”.
Searchlight spokesman Matthew Collins said: “This is almost
certainly a reference to Greger’s friend Johnny Adair.”
Adair struck up a bizarre friendship with convicted Nazi leader
Greger in the mid- Nineties when he was banged up for directing
Tattooed skinhead Greger idolised Mad Dog and on his release
made him the boss of a Neo-Nazi cult in Germany.

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