Adam and Eve in Heaven


At the end of the Mass today on EWTN, Fr. was telling how "we are paying the price pretty much" due to Adam’s and Eve’s fall into Original Sin and how he wanted to meet them in Heaven and all that.

I understand that there will be no more weeping, suffering, hate, etc. whatever you wanna call it in Heaven. whew

But I was wondering this morning after I heard him say that if Adam and Eve are up in Heaven looking down on Earth thinking, “I should’ve ignored the serpet, I should’ve ignored the serpent, I should’ve listened to God… Look what we did!” etc.??? Or something like that?

Ever wonder that???


If Adam and Eve are in heaven right now, I doubt that they are saying, “coulda, woulda, shoulda.”

On the other hand, if they are in purgatory…

We will find out soon enough. :wink:


I’d say not if they’re in heaven, because this would be suffering which does not exist in heaven.

If they’re in purgatory, this might be a really good suffering though!


All I know is they’ll be easy to recognize… the only pair up there without belly buttons.

Well, and this guy I knew in college whose belly button was replaced with a frightening scar from a knife fight. :eek:


The Church recognises that adam and eve are in heaven as Saints. their feast day is 24th December.


since the line of Adam preserved the message of salvation by making it visible in their own flesh (Enoch, Methuselah ) I believe they returned to holiness.

I am reminded of Jesus teaching; the first will be last and the last will be first. Adam being all man as one man, since it can be said that all man was at one time in his loins, his experience after death might be united to the collective whole of all those who will be purged. Therefore as the last soul is purged his duty as father will be complete as well.

and then perhaps the twinkling event will happen


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