Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

I was wondering how Adam and Eve were supposed to take care of the Garden:
did they have to tell the animals what to do, or did they have to make some tools …

Since animals do not have, or need language, but have very fine spiritual senses; possibly A&E could just have directed them with their minds?

As to tools: Certainly in a deathless life they could have learned to make them. Or maybe they could just get the animals to do what was needed (ie, to nibble the plants where they needed pruning).

We just don’t know.


Adam was supposed to keep the Serpent out of the garden and away from Eve!!! Had he done that, none of this woulda happened!:shrug:


Adam gave names to all the animals: doesn’t this actually means that animals learned a name wich Adam have used to call them?
I think Adam and Eve spoke to animals and understood them as well.
Eve spoke with the serpent, unfortunatelly too much. No wonder it was Eve under the attack.

Actually, this was Adam’s primary job. He was given the job by God to “protect” the garden. So, protect from what? The only threat was the devil, and all Adam had to do was call on God for help, which he didn’t do.

Adam “naming” the animals was symbolic that he was their master, and not an animal himself. The same way a master names a slave whatever he wishes (despite the slave’s former name). Adam is the master. The animals are less than the master. Adam had dominion over the earth. Adam was more important than the animals and the earth.

Of course, this is just one more in the list of things that our modern secular culture is trying to turn on it’s head, and reverse a truth into falsehoods.

Genesis 2:15: “The Lord God then took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden, to cultivate and care for it.”
From Genesis 2:18-20 the understanding is that animals were partners for man, they would help him to take care of the garden.
Adam was in fact the master, he gave a name to an animal, that animals were all supposed to be aware of it, otherwise the parade doesn’t have meaning.

The words “cultivate and care for it” in the original language are the exact same words used to describe the duties of the priests in the temple. The universe was the original temple. Adam was the first high priest. His duties were to protect it from evil.

My comments about the naming of the animals also came from the Navarre Bible commentary. I’ve not heard that animals were supposed to be aware of their names. What is your source for this?

My personal opinions.
Adam was not supposed to talk to himself, no?
An animal, a possible partner, at least should be able of communications.
It looks like Adam didn’t enjoy a high level of partnership with them.
Protect it from evil? What evil?How?
If in the bible it is written “cultivate and care for it” that is cultivate and care for it. The high priest was not supposed to do everything related to the temple, but took care that every duty is taken care of along with it’s personal duties.
In my personal opinion, Adam was supposed to bring order and beauty in the garden.

I don’t see why they couldn’t take care of it by any means necessary. If you take a Fundamentalist mindset you will get all bogged down searching for ways in which they made a shovel and so forth.

The bible does not get into every small detail (all the time).

To paraphrase Mark Twain, it would have been infinitely better for us if Adam and Eve had been forbidden to eat the serpent. :D;)


There is a Creation Museum. I didn’t see it on the internet, somehow they missed the shovel:).

I thought they were exiled from it. They should not get credit for making tools either. There are so many that develop daily.

Animals were supposed to help Adam, that means they couldn’t randomly evolve to reach some functionality(functionality includes the display of something beautiful ). If this text in Genesis is symbolic, then why it is written with such details?

I agree with you. It is so much easier to not get bogged down with things that just do not add up. Discount it with the knowledge you have been given and move on to the punchline.
Eternal life. That is the carrot worth chasing no matter what anyone says.

The “symbolic” or “metaphoric” approach with Genesis opens up another door of debate which would derail this thread like there’s no tomorrow.

There is only a literal approach allowed regarding Adam and Eve.
If there is any other approach, let me know about it please.

Did an omniscient God know that Adam & Eve were going to let the side down so to speak? Or was it part of the plan?
If it was part of the plan then why did he create man to be flawed and woman to create original sin?

Animals can certainly learn commands from people.

Gregory of Nyssa writes that man was made without tools or armor, because he was to rule over creation and his reign would require cooperation from the animals. So in theory, Adam and Eve would have been benevolent kings over the animals. The thought just occurred to me, but that is not so unlike the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Where the children become kings and queens over a kingdom of anthropomorphic animals. In any event, we were meant for this rulership, but sin of course messed up everything.

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