Adam and Eve, New Adam and New Eve


I just came from another forum that had a section for Religion. One of the topics was about Adam and Eve’s existence.

While reading , it made me think about the new Adam and Eve (Jesus and Mary).

I believe the Church has an official position that Jesus is the New Adam and Mary is the New Eve. Jesus and Mary were individual people. Adam and Eve were thought to be individual people. But on that site, I came across a paragraph that mentions Adam could be representing a group of first parents. If Adam does, Eve must also. So with that said, Jesus could represent a group and Mary can also represent a group.

Maybe that sounds so unclear. How does the Church have an official view on the New Adam and Eve and not on who Adam and Eve are.


I think you should re-read it. It makes it clear that Adam and Eve were real people.


From the article (web-link) the OP posted.

A question often raised in this context is whether the human race descended from an original pair of two human beings (a teaching known as monogenism) or a pool of early human couples (a teaching known as polygenism).

In this regard, Pope Pius XII stated: "When, however, there is question of another conjectural opinion, namely polygenism, the children of the Church by no means enjoy such liberty.

In other words Catholics are NOT free to believe in polygenism. (i.e. many early human couples)


modern science is answering the question of the first couple. They’ve traced through mitichondrial dna all human ancestry back to a single female. It is becoming more widely accepted based on evidence that all of humanity today came from a single couple. do some research it’s not hard to find.


“As regards . . . what is called polygenism [the theory that there was more than one original couple at the beginning of the human race] . . . the faithful cannot lend support to a theory which involves either the existence on this earth, after Adam, of true human beings who would not originate from him, as the ancestor of all, by natural propagation, or that ‘Adam’ stands for a plurality of ancestors. For it is not at all apparent how such a view can be reconciled with the data which the sources of revealed truth and the documents of the Church propose concerning original sin, namely, that it originates from a sin truly committed by one Adam” (Humani Generis 37).

Thus, the notion that Adam and Eve represented a group of first parents is heretical.

In my understanding, it is not incongruous with Church teaching to believe that, perhaps, there were homo sapiens who had not been imbued with a soul before Adam and Eve.



No, modern science is not proving that all humans descended from a single couple. There is no scientific evidence at this time to support that conclusion. The unfortunately named Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosomal Adam are not the Adam and Eve of Genesis.

Mitochondrial Eve is the current most recent common ancestor of all humans through matrilineal descent. She was not the first woman alive, and she wasn’t the only woman alive at the time. Similarly, Y-chromosomal Adam is the patrilineal most recent common ancestor of humans alive today. He also was not the only man alive at the time, nor was he the first human man. In fact, he didn’t even live at the same time as Mitochondrial Eve–he lived about 80,000 years after her.


Oh okay, I misread it. So if Adam and Eve were in fact real people, then 6000 years of human life in the Bible could be a metaphor, just how Jesus was thought to create the world in seven days?


Eve, or ‘Mitochondrial Eve’ in this case, need not be the de-facto Hominidae prototype or even the very first member of Homo sapiens - in the strictest biological sense - but rather the first (apart from Adam) ‘modern human’ imbued with an immortal soul.

There may very well have been innumerable female candidates for such divine infusion, but our theology is concerned with only this one. It is from this woman that all descended. This is certainly reconcilable with both Genesis and the ‘Mitochondrial Eve’ postulation.


Perhaps the time line is a metaphor….

I believe that the Genealogy of Christ in the Gospel of Luke is a metaphor to show that Christ came for ALL.


I’d like to hear anyone argue how it is not Catholic dogma that Eve was specially created from Adam.


Here’s a link about how mathematicl models were used to trace back to a common ancestor. It’s not a proof but to me it’s very compelling.


Is it Catholic Dogma that Eve was created from adam?


Are there any Catholics in the world that can answer if it is Catholic dogma that Eve was created from Adam?


It’s Catholic dogma that Eve was created by God. One creation account has man and woman created together, and one has her made from Adam’s rib. Obviously, both can’t be true. The important part is that BOTH Adam and Eve were uniquly creatd by God. :wink:


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