Adam and Eve were not the first Human Beings


I was always taught that Adam and Eve were the first human beings that god created, but after reading the bible I now think otherwise. Scientist have always argued that the the creation story of the bible and the scientific and archeological evidence don’t coincide with one another. But I really feel like they are wrong. Supposedly Genisis 2 explains more in detail of the part of Genisis 1 when god created human beings. I don’t believe this to be true because in Genisis 4 where did Cains wife come from? Why did he build city if there were no other people in the world besides Cain, Adam, and Eve?

Another thing the young earth creationist crowd is also wrong. The bible doesn’t say that the earth is 6,000 years old. In Genisis 1 god created and heavens and the earth. Then his spirit hovered over the earth for an unknown amount of time. That could have been a couple of millions years. There is no way to really know. The creation story is so vague that it’s really impossible to put an age to the earth using the bible and it’s also impossible to say that Adam and Eve were the first human beings.

You might not be “up to date” on what modern science actually teaches.

Archaeological evidence is very Nineteenth Century. It relies on fossils and strati and such.

Modern anthropologists are much more interested in DNA. This is the “blueprint of life,” and it can tell us quite a lot more than rocks and fossils. We can determine quite a lot with modern samples of diverse populations, without ever visiting an archaeological dig. We don’t need DNA from extinct or long dead samples - your own DNA would do just fine to help us further our understanding.

The person of “Eve” in Biblical accounts is known to science as “Mitochondrial Eve”

Every human being is descended from Mitochondrial Eve, according to science. This is settled fact among all biologists.

Adam is a bit more elusive, because the male does not pass mitochondrial DNA. But science has identified a potential male ancestor of all humanity, known as Y-Chromosome Adam:

Scientific Eve and Adam never met. They were once thought to have been 50,000 years apart, but recent analysis places them about 10,000 years apart (Eve came first).

Genetically speaking, however, if a female descendant of Mitochondrial Eve mated with a male descendant of Y-Chromosome Adam then all of humanity could trace its origins to this union.

The commonly accepted scientific idea differs from the Biblical accounts only in the nature of chronology. As far as modern science is concerned, the idea that all of humanity is the genetic product of one female and one male is almost universally accepted.

Adam and Eve were the first people. If science can’t get climate change right, which is observable, I have little trust in what they claim about something they can’t observe.

Young earth creation is not part of Catholic doctrine. I expect few Catholics believe in it. This would be more a belief of some fundamentalist Protestants. Saint Augustine for one said the :“days” of the creation account could represent longer periods of time.

I don’t really need to say this but we do know the Bible is not a textbook on all things. Its more like a big heavy stone. People have been tripping over it since it appeared. God is wise yes?

The flip side to this coin is Evolution also isn’t part of Catholic doctrine.

You may be surprised.

The joy is, we are free to accept or refute evidence for both and discern on our own what makes the most sense.

I agree, God told us all that is necessary to know HE is the Creator of all. We continue to second guess God and put science ahead of His Word. Our first parents sinned and fell out of His Grace. They lost it for themeselves and us. But God in His Mercy and Love, sent us His Son to Redeem us. And Jesus gave us His Church to guide us thru life. Thank God for His Love and Mercy. God Bless. Memaw

Adam and Eve were the first!

You realize the Church supports theistic evolution

You realize that Christ’s Church supports Adam and Eve, Original Sin, Promise of a Savior, Jesus Christ, His life, Death and Resurrection and His Catholic Church. If science disagrees with that, guess who’s wrong. God Bless, memaw

it also supports theistic evolution

If you dismiss Adam & Eve, then you must also dismiss the idea of Original Sin.

Without Original sin there is no need for:

Redemption>>>Incarnation>>>Crucifixion >>>Resurrection >>>Ascension

… so the whole edifice of Christianity comes tumbling down. It’s a fairy tale/myth???

Ergo you cannot be a Christian & accept Evolution.
At some point, sentient creatures disobeyed God. We call them the first true humans
knowing right from wrong.

It’s usually pretty easy to find the problem part. The one making all the noise.

If there is one thing I have noticed, it’s people who disagree with evolution speak their mind and tend to leave it alone. The evolutionists spin up and get busy beating a dead horse in the attempt to change someones mind as if repeating something over and over several times makes it true. I believe GKC had something to say about this.

The only thing I have to add to this discussion is I don’t second guess God. When He says something, I take Him at his word, even if I don’t fully understand.

Flip side of coin. It also supports Creation. :shrug:


around and around we go…

If Adam and Eve were the first human beings that God created then where did Cains wife come from? The evidence in the bible supports that the 6,000 year old timeline is Adams lineage. To me this makes more sense and it goes along more with the scientific evidence that the human race is 200,000 years old.

Carbon dating proves that human being existed before the creation
of Adam. God has always been mysterious and never reveals his true plan.

The Bible is not a history book but a book that teaches a moral truth.

I don’t believe this to be true because in Genisis 4 where did Cains wife come from? Why did he build city if there were no other people in the world besides Cain, Adam, and Eve?

Where did you find that they were the only people in the world? Just because the bible only mentions them does not mean that there were not others, in fact in mentions that Adam and Eve had other children. However, as I have mentioned it is not a history book. What is intended is to show how sin came into the world and what resulted from that sin.

it’s also impossible to say that Adam and Eve were the first human beings.

No we know this that there was a first couple in which God put immortal souls(making them the first humans) this couple disobeyed God(original sin) because God revealed this to us through His Holy Word.

This question has been coming up a lot on the forums recently. The Church teaches in Humani Generis that the Faithful are not bound to interpret the creation story up to the creation of Adam as a literal six-day event. The are however bound to accept monogenism, which means that Adam and Eve were really the first two humans.

The confusion arises because people don’t seem to understand what a human being is. A Neanderthal or a Cro Magnon or whatever hominid you want to talk about is not a human being and has an infinite separation from a human being. Why? Because a human being is a composite of an immaterial soul with a material body. Human intellect and will are immaterial processes that cannot be reduced to mere physical processes. Evolution is a material process so it cannot give rise to intellect and will. It doesn’t matter how many other hominids co-existed with Adam and Eve, they were not humans and never would be unless God directly imparted these powers to them as He did with Adam and Eve. Humans would then easily replace hominids due to their use of rationality which would impart an extreme advantage over the non-human hominids.

Here’s another recent thread asking the same question with various answers to the objections:


And who’s to say that future analysis doesn’t place them 5000 years apart, 3000, 2000…:shrug:

This is why I don’t understand why so many people think your uneducated if you don’t believe everything scientist believe at this point in time. When the time is right it will all be revealed, I’m fine living in ignorance about how God created the earth until that time. If others feel called to try and understand more now, so be it, they just shouldn’t become offended if some people aren’t impressed with the scientific results.

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