Adam and eve!

****Do all cathlolics believe that Adam and Eve were not real people, or is this just a new and growing belief to embrace the satanic evolution lies?

What do you mean by “not real people”?

What are the satanic evolution llies?

A catholic told me on another thread, that Adam and Eve were allegorical characters and that God did not Create the earth in 6 literal day’s.

Evolution is a lie from satan.

pretty sure we are required to believe in adam and eve.

Catholics don’t generally believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis.

How do you know it’s a lie? How do you know it’s from satan?

We are required to believe that at some point, God gave special gifts to one and only one of his creations. Those gifts are an immortal soul and being made in His image and likeness. These were the first humans. In some way, these humans choose disobediance over God, and we fell as a race.

We are NOT required to believe in six literal days of creation. Nor are we required to believe that there is no such thing as evolution. We must believe that God created everything out of nothing, creation has structure ordained by God, and that God sees all creation as good.

Here’s a link to Catholic Answers’ explanation of Adam, Eve, and Evolution. It contains references from the CCC. In a nutshell, it’s fine to believe that the earth is older than 6,000 years and that the human body may have evolved from lower life forms (biological evolution; since the Magisterium says it’s okay to believe this, evolutionary theory cannot be satanic), but we must believe that the human soul is created directly by God. It is also fine to believe that the Adam and Eve story in the Bible uses figurative (non-literal) language, but we must believe that all humans descended from a single set of parents (whom the Bible call Adam and Eve), whose sin caused all of humanity to be affected by Original Sin.

The Catholic Church teaches that Adam and Eve were real people.

However, the scientific theory of evolution is not “satanic”. Scientific theory is not evil in and of itself.

The theory of evolution is not mutually exclusive of the story of Adam and Even in scripture either. God can create however He wants. The fact that we may not understand His methods notwithstanding.

That Catholic is poorly catechized, and is not clear about the teaching of the Church - it happens. There are certainly a lot of allegorical lessons that can be gleaned from the creation stories.

The theory of evolution is just that - a scientific speculation. It does not have an evil motive in and of itself. That is like saying the long held belief that the sun revolved around the earth or that the earth was flat is a lie from satan. That is silly. It is a scientific theory. Some of the theories prove later not to be true.

Science has already found that all the human genes emanate from one man, and one woman, from one place in the world (Garden of Eden?).

I strongly urge you to examine the reason you are on this website. Your account is under review right now because there is some concern you are not following the forum rules. CAF is not a venue for you to disseminate anti-Catholic hatred and bigotry. If you want to know the Catholic teaching on these matters, we will do our best. If you are here to convince Catholics who accept the theory of evolution that they have fallen into a satanic lie, I fear that your stay here will be very short.

So, what you’re saying is, God made the heavens and the earth and **made them look **like they took billions of years to form, even though they’re really not that old. He created life and **made it look **like it came about by very natural processes, when in fact it was just a snap of his “fingers.” So, what you’re really saying is that God deceives us. Great theory!

that is an actual creationist take on it. except for the deception part.

I am in agreement with you overall, but this particular argument is not the strongest tool available to confront the young earth creationist.

We were wrong when we thought the earth was flat, too, but that was not because God was attempting to fool us (even though he made it look fairly flat from down here.) It was due to our misinterpretations of the evidence that we perceived the earth to be flat. Similarly, a young earth creationist could argue that the appearance of age is also due to a human misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the evidence and not a result of God’s intentional deception.

Young earth creationists actually play into the “evolutionists” hands by assuming that scientific truth is the most basic truth that exists.
Evolution is the only “scientific” theory that is presently credible.
Most Catholics understand that science is subordinate to more fundimental philosophical considerations.
I have no problem with evolution.

Not strictly true, only part of human DNA can be traced back in this way. All human mitochondrial DNA comes from a single woman (Mitochondrial Eve) who lived about 170,000 years ago. All human Y chromosomes come from a single man (Y-chromosome Adam) who lived about 60,000 years ago. They obviously never met, even though both lived in Africa. Neither was the only person of their sex alive at the time.

It is not possible to tell whether or not there is a single ancestor for the rest of the human genome because it can be inherited from either parent. Mitochondrial DNA comes only from the mother and the Y chromosome, if present, only from the father.


The thing of it is God did not deceive us. God it not bound by our limmited sens of time and space. What was written as six days in actuality could be longer. How else though could a febil human mind comprehend such a fenominal thing. Just a thought.

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