Adam and Eve?


This is a question.

Has Eve ever been considered human wisdom?

Oh, I would like to know if the Church or Doctors of the Church have ever considered Eve as wisdom. Have an saints thought taught?



Has the Fall and Eve ever been considered wisdom? We don’t consider disobedience and pridefulness “wisdom” of any kind.


She may have had it at one time but she blew it when she sinned! God Bless, Memaw


I believe Adam & Eve are saints in the Eastern Churches, but I don’t know about wisdom.

The Gnostics would definitely think so, considering that the Gnostic Aeon (Divine Emanation)
called Sophia (Wisdom) sent her daughter Zoe (Life) to breathe life into a man (Adam) formed
by the Archons (Evil ruling gods). It was later on that this Zoe, the Daughter of Sophia, became
known as “Eve.” (In Gnostic Mythology, remember).


No. That would be “Sophia.” :slight_smile:




“thought taught” or “taught thought” what are you trying to say? “Have any saints taught that?” perhaps?

What would it possibly mean to you, if they had? or if Eve had been considered “human wisdom”? What do YOU mean by “human wisdom.”

The ultimate source and font of wisdom is God. Eve didn’t really teach anybody anything, did she? How do you come up with such a question?


What I am asking:

Have any saints taught that Eve is human wisdom?



The only thing Eve taught was disobedience to God. Based on that I would hardly think anyone could remotely construe her to be human or any kind of wisdom.


You got a point there. Human wisdom is God’s foolishness.


Reuben James

I think that she might be understood as human reason/wisdom. I am pondering if she is not, on a spiritual sense of Scripture, human reasoning that does not listen or believe or entrust itself to God’s love. When our reasoning does not listen or obey God’s love.

Our original sin, then and now, rejects the first commandment–love God, self and neighbor.

The above is all in the form of questions, questions, and questions.

Blessings to All!


My quick response was assuming that there is such thing as Eve being the human wisdom since you brought it up. It is new to me though. But if there is, then what you said do make sense. Scripturally I don’t know where to place it unless one thinks of the nature of the flesh or human nature spoken by Paul in Gal 5.

Yes, there is that part of us that rejects the wisdom of God - our stubborness and rich spirit - often mentioned by Jesus, that we need to be like little children so that God’s mystery will be revealed to us.


Wisdom, I believe, is the wrong word here. When I think of the story and put Eve (the “no” to faith) in contrast with Mary (the “yes” to faith) it seems like Eve becomes that part of us that wants knowledge beyond what is necessary to live a good life whereas Mary has the wisdom to accept the good life that is given her.

Eve’s new found knowledge ultimately leads to pain and suffering while Mary’s wisdom leads to Salvation and Truth.

In the above paragraphs I differentiate knowledge and wisdom as knowledge being the collected facts we collect about us and the world around us that are proven correct, then maybe proven wrong, but ultimately are useless (the world is flat, no wait, it’s round, what difference does it make to my soul?) and wisdom being the ever evolving truths that hold solid and lead to true happiness (the golden rule).


According to the Catechism, the second account of Creation uses figures.

Wisdom and false wisdom or human reason has often be pictured by a woman–even in 1700s France.

The Song of Song has our soul pictured by a lady–The Bridegroom is the Word, as Jesus proclaimed–He is the Bridegroom.

Eve is an addition to Adam in the second account.

Also, there are two trees in the garden–Tree of Life or Life’s Tree. Tree of knowledge of good/and or evil.

I wonder if Life’s Tree must be in control of our tree of knowledge. If we follow His Tree then our knowledge is good; if not, our knowledge misses the mark.

Furthermore, I believe that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are the seeds of Life’s Tree planted into our ground (Mark 4:1-20). There fruits or effects are the Fruits of the Holy Spirit–love, joy, peace and so forth.

Gotta go–must return to work.


Please forgive my question/thought.

I believe that the Second Account of Creation’s Eve is a supernatural human gift of wisdom to Adam, but he misused it. It was his helper.

The new Paraclete or Helper is the Wisdom of God Himself.

Or, that is a question.


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