Adam and Eve?

Hi guys, so something is troubling me, and everytime I see a comment about it, I cannot explain it but I always forgot to ask. Anyway, my question was, how do we explain Adam and Eve? What proof do we have of them? Now, of course, the Bible speaks of them, and so perhaps some Oral Tradition. But thats not my main concern. My main one is, are we supposed to believe the Adam and Eve story? Or is it a story that has a teaching, but it did not happen literally? If so, why do we say we have a sinful nature because of Adam and Eve?

Please enlighten me on this, thanks!

I suggest getting a good Catholic book on how to study the bible. It will talk about the four senses of scripture, now to read and study the bible correctly, and then begin go tackle the bible starting with one of the Gospels or Acts, then Paul’s letters, then tackle the Old Testament such as Genesis.

The basic explanation is that Adam and Eve are the parents of all humankind.

Referring to human nature as a sinful nature is somewhat misleading. Catholic teachings are that we have a wounded nature because Adam freely chose to disobey God’s command.

Right. The Catholic Church teaches, that Adam and Eve were created in Original Holiness, and by their free will and concupiscence committed Original Sin. The natural state of humans is holiness and righteousness, and through Christ and baptism we are restored to that natural state once again.

Thank you.

Small clarification.
While both Adam and Eve committed a personal sin of disobedience, it is Adam’s action of disobedience which is known as the Original Sin. This is because Adam is the original first human. CCC 404-405 contains some interesting information.

I have always viewed Adam & Eve as the first people with human souls. I believe that is completely consistent with catholic theology.

We can’t prove they were there, but faith is not about proof.


It is NOT either or. That is a logical fallacy. Yes, you are supposed to believe that Adam and Eve were real. However, the story in the bible is also meant to convey many important theological concepts and is not meant to be interpreted literally. If you do, you will in fact miss the whole point.

The point is free will leads to the possibility of going against God. This is sin. And the fall was bigger than most realize. It affected ALL of nature.

God created us to have a part in creation, but this also leads to sin and death and decay. But God did not create those things directly. WE had a hand in it.

It is not possible to understand the role Jesus plays until you understand the depth of the sin caused by Adam and Eve.

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