Adam and Eve


Okay…while I was thinking about Adam and Eve and the original sin, I remembered that “whose sins you forgive are forgiven and whose sins you retain are retained.” So, if we were to forgive Adam and Eve their original sin, would that mean original sin would no longer exist? Or did God not forgive them their sins, thus making the rest of us suffer for it? If God forgave them their sin during the Harrowing, then why would original sin continue to exist?


Priests do not have the authority to forgive sins of those deceased, nor of those who do not want forgiveness.

I don’t know if their sins have been forgiven. I am disinclined to think so, but, if not, God didn’t refrain from forgiveness to “make the rest of us suffer” but because Adam and Even blamed each other and the serpent rather than blaming themselves and asking God for forgiveness.


the sin is forgiven, its effects remain. You kill my son, I forgive you, but my son is still dead. You burn my house down, I forgive you, but I still have no house.


First, that verse is talking about forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, via a priest. I’m not sure who you mean when you say “we”. “We” cannot forgive Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve are dead, and have already received judgment from God. There is nothing we can do regarding their sin or their Salvation.

Original Sin removed sanctifying grace from our souls. It created a condition that all men enter into. Baptism is the remedy for Original Sin.

We do not know what happened to Adam and Eve regarding God’s judgment.

Original Sin would remain whether God forgave Adam and Eve or not. Original Sin is a condition of our souls.

We don’t know who was or wasn’t in the Bosom of Abraham to be preached to and forgiven by Jesus during the 3 days. If Adam and Eve were forgiven there, that would be their personal sin that was forgiven.

The *condition *of original sin is transmitted through procreation to all generations. That condition is physical death, lack of sanctifying grace in the soul, and concupiscence.

The actual sin Adam committed may or may not have been forgiven by God but it’s *consequences *remain until the end of time.


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