Adam and Eve


I am trying to defend that Adam and Eve are not a myth. How do I explain that Adam and Eve were the only two people and we all came directly from them?


Against whom are you trying to defend this? Is the person Catholic, non-Catholic Christian, or a non-Christian? It makes a great deal of difference as to what arguments you will use to make your case.


Well, genetically, we’ve been linked to one common mother or “Eve”. So the existence of one person (female) has been scientifically proven. Pretty strong verification of the Biblical account. Where would all the men have come from who would mate with Eve? A single set of original humans seems the only reasonable answer.


Firstly, explain (and understand) that the bible is not a science book.

For many people anything that ISN’T science IS myth. If revelation is seen only as myth then all moral precepts and articles of faith are “baseless” and hold only “mythic” (meaning “cultural behavioral suggestion”) value.

The way to defend the “value” of “Adam and Eve” is to ask them what they think the “mythic value” of the story is, and then show them with charity how that coincides with Catholic Teaching.

Any attempt to convince them that the story of Adam and Eve is a literalistic truth will go absolutely nowhere, as that is not what the Church believes. It is a LITERAL truth, not a literalistic one.

Adam and Eve were our literal first parents, but how they were that is a mystery.


The person is Christian and is asking if there was only Adam and Eve why are there so many races and If Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel, how did they procreate?


Is a literalist.
Adam and Eve.
Biology teaches that humans descend of a common ancestor, there were other humans living them but the first modern ones children eventually took over the whole especies.
That is symbolicaly compatible with the Bible.
Why so many races? as humans left their original east african home to the middle east and then Europe and Asia they keep evolving to adapt to the world various climates.
Cain and Abel.
That is a symbolic story. Represent a different part of human history. The conflict between the shepherders and the farmers, as a symbol of how envy and sin cause violence between humans. There were other humans living them, that is why Cain is promised by YHVH that no one will take revenge upon him. And of course they were women living them to procreate.


Cain and Abel were not the only children Adam and Eve had. Seth is another named child, their other children are not named.

The children of Adam and Eve married each other.


MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY! Were Adam & Eve literal people or not?


Through INCEST.


It is just a myth, like Noah’s ark is just a myth.


remember just because something is a “myth” doesn’t mean that it is not true


They were indeed literal people, but in what way these people “were” (to use a lovely Clintonism!) is a mystery!

The atheist mind is too dense for such thinking, and will only generate noise and hatred at the hearing of such things. :slight_smile:


Please define your understanding of your usage of the word “myth”.



Stop making excuses and generalizations. Im not even an atheist. :stuck_out_tongue:

You make no mystery that they were literal in the way that they were real people and the real parents of all of us. So its obvious that you are still confused on what to believe about Adam and Eve. :smiley:


We all came from one mother and one father. Biology explains this through Mitochondrial DNA and Y-Chromosome DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is a section of DNA that comes directly from the mother, and remains unchanged from one generation to the next; it doesn’t get mixed or recombined with the fathers mitochondrial DNA. So you have the same Mitochondrial DNA as your siblings, and since it doesn’t change from generation to generation, you have the same Mitochondrial DNA as your grandmother and great-grandmother, and so on. Everyone in the human population (accounting for genetic mutations) has the same Mitochondrial DNA, proving that we are all descendants from one mother; the Y-Chromosome DNA is the male genetic counterpart to that, showing we all come from one father. So genetics proves that we all come from one set of parents.
Even if the people you are trying to convince believe in evolution, and not a young earth, you can still show them that Adam and Eve were real people. What makes humans different from animals isn’t much genetically speaking, I think we are like 95% identical genetically to monkeys. So what makes us different, what makes us Human? We are different/Human because God spoke a soul into every person. So Adam and Eve could have been the First people God gave souls to, making them the first humans, and therefore they could be real and not myth.

just some food for thought… I hope this helps
God Bless.


That doesnt prove anything about Adam or Eve. For all we know our common parents were the survivors of an entire clan of humans.


You said it perfect! Obviously the Atheist is looking for answers, why else would he or she be lurking in a catholic answers forum!!!


Oh the woe of the IGNORANT!


Ya i guess you can argue that, but it doesn’t seem very likely that only the children of one set of parents would have surviving offspring and the “other parent’s” offspring would all die.


OK, so where did the “entire clan of humans” come from?

Besides, an account of the type you describe is already in Genesis, although in that scenario, eight survive, not two. Haven’t you ever heard of Noah?

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