Adam and family tree

I think this is the right place for this question :

If all the tribes, people in the world, traced their family tree lineage, would they all trace it back to Adam?

I know that researching our family trees can be difficult, but I was thinking more about tribal people, who they say was their founder of the tribe.

Any answers, ideas, thoughts?


If we believe the Scriptures to be true then one could trace their roots all the way back. Stone tablets are hard to find in libraries these days:p

They say everyone with blue eyes comes from one lady.

Even if we don’t believe scripture, there must have been one person who, genetically, was the first fully human being. We are all descendants of him or her.

Correct. Even science, I believe, points to a common ancestor.

As a Catholic you are not bound to believe the Adam and Eve story as a literal fact. However if you want to you can! Point is its not vital to the faith. Similarly if you don’t believe a guy lived in a fish and survived after a few days you’re ok too. As said by the above folks science also points to one common set of parents. So as a Catholic you are bound to believe no matter how the human was created he was created by God and it started with one man and one woman even if you believe that they evolved.

Yes it all goes back to Adam. But far further back than the establishment of any modern tribe or people.

I tend to believe Adam lived much further back than 5,000 years ago…maybe 100,000 years ago. Most of our known history starts around 4000 years ago.

We have found human remains dating millions of years back BTW.

But at that level, humanhood implies a lot of guesswork.

Heads do not fossilize well, so what remains are usually bones from hands, feet, jaws, etc; which are very similar in several living and fossil species.

Bones that were undeniably human have a much more recent provenance, less than 1/2 million years, IIUC.


But not necessarily a human being.

And scientifically, there is no way to tell. The human mind/soul does not fossilize, whatever the head size or shape.


they are positive that they are human or the earlier human species. this isn’t disputed only by bible hardliners and fundamentalists. Lets not forget the dinosaurs. We don’t need human remains to prove anything (even though we have them) animals lived much earlier and disprove the genesis story.

No we have found remains of the Genus Homo going back millions of years, but I would argue they are from our pre ensoulment ancestors with Adam and Eve being the first Human beings with a soul. Specimens like Lucy are even said to be "small brained hominids, a far cry from humans of today. I think the record of “modern homo sapiens” only goes back a couple hundred thousand years.

Just clarifying my point in light of your comment, but we should probably not get too close to discussing “evolution creation” as its a banned topic and they will close the thread.

Really we cant talk about evolution creation lol? I tell ya the boundaries here are getting tighter and tighter. I think this really limits the folks we can whiteness to! One cant even ask if there are other blogs where Catholics can talk freely about CAF banned issues without getting the post removed. Seesh!

My wife, as a hobby, has worked for years on her family genealogy. It has, I must admit, yielded some interesting and intriguing results.

She has pestered me when I would start on my family, and I told her I’ve thought about it, but instead of going to all the trouble working backwards, I am starting from Adam and working forward, instead of working backwards…and I’m not worrying about the gap between Adam and a couple of generations before me.

Seems to me, that way, I’ve met the objective of knowing where I “came from”, without all the work!



No, they don’t disprove the Genesis story in the least, only certain people’s perception of it. The Genesis story is not a scientific manual. It is written in ancient poetic prose with subtleties that escape the average reader and its purpose is to convey a profound understanding of who God is and who we are, and what we have done and what he has done. It is about our relationship with God and our need for salvation. It was never intended to be scientifically accurate. Light was made the first day, yet the sun, moon and starts are not made until the fourth day. The writers of Genesis were either complete idiots or they meant something else. I think they meant something else.

The “something else” is Genesis 1:1. :smiley:
As for our family tree, it is Genesis 1: 26-27. :D:D



Thanks all for your answers/thoughts. :slight_smile:

I’m not bothered by evolution to much, and as it can’t be discussed on these forums it’s no big deal.
Thinking on tracing tribal lineage back to the Jewish story of Adam and Eve, it’s a theory? that our first humans lived in Africa? There is much information about creation myths, and the Jewish story of creation was the jewish writer recognising that there was only one God, were as in African creation myths (which there are a number) they in some myths tell of more than one God.
So if we came “out of Africa” why would there be so many creation myths from within Africa, if the first two people living in the garden knew the one God?

I thought maybe as we are unsure of the actual time of the first humans, so many thousands of years pass by and people add to and take away from stories pasted on by word of mouth.

But I always wondered about Jerusalem being the New City, if the Garden may have been in Africa wouldn’t that be where the new city would be?

As an after thought to my O.P I realised that the tribes could trace their lineage back, or at least talk of the same first man/woman, they would just have different names :o

Thanks :thumbsup:

Just a thought about Jerusalem.

Jerusalem does not restore the Garden of Eden, but opens Heavenly life. It does not need to occupy the original Garden (which based on the names of the rivers, was probably in Iraq).

In any case, given its dimensions as stated in Rev., if it is literally physical and sits on the ground where earthly Jerusalem is now, it would extend into Russia in the north, Africa in the south, and past Iraq in the east.


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