Adam, dialogue with God about Companion!


Lord, I need a companion. This dog is my best friend but he ain’t cutting it!

I need a true companion. One that would cook for me, iron my cloths, clean the house, do yard work, wash my car and check the oil too, and gas it. She needs to cook really well, feed me on the hour at the hour, even look for the remote control when I can’t find it, take my shoes off when I back from work, have the ball game on tv when I arrive, call me honey everytime, and do whatever I say, never talks back, agrees with me 100% of the time and do all these thing with unsurpassed happiness!

OK Adam, if you want a companion as such, it will cost you an arm and a leg and one eye ball.

(Adam thinks)

Wait, not so fast Lord! I need my leg, I don’t want to be hoppin around. And my eyes, I need them to hunt. And I need my arm too, otherwise how would I start a fire or climb trees and so on. An arm and a leg and eye ball is just too much to pay???

Ok Lord! Forget the yard work, oil changes and other exterior stuff etc. I just need a companion that does everything I asked for except the exterior stuff! I will do that myself, or send the car to the dealer. How much would that cost?

Adam, that would cost you just an eyeball. She will do everthing except exterior stuff. She will even agree with you, uhhhh…aaahhhhhhhh…just 75% of the time!

(Adam is doing some critical-thinking about it)

Lord, I can’t do it! I need my eyes; both of them. I would look silly with just one eye on my forehead. I will scare my own children, and people will make fun of me!

(Adam looks around and empties his pockets)

What can I get for a rib???

And the rest is history!

PS…It’s a joke. No pun intended for our Christian sisters!!!

God bless!


Actually, I enjoyed it very much…the joke is on men! I have only one question…how do we get men to realize that they only gave a rib…they seem to forget that they didn’t give an arm and a leg :rolleyes:


Adam came to God and said, “Lord, I really enjoy the gift of woman that you’ve given me. She’s great, but I have a couple of questions…”

God replied, “What do you ask, my child?”

Adam said, "I would have accepted a mate far less attractive, but you gave her flowing hair and long legs and beautiful eyes…I suppose my question is why did you make her so beautiful?

“So that you would love her, of course.”

" Well," Adam asked, “in that case, why did you make her so dumb?”

Smiling, God answered, “So that she would love you.”

God Bless,


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