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I was trying to research this for myself, but all I can find is too much information, and all of it too scientific/ anti-religion that tries to debunk and undermine faith, and I’m seeking a biblically based answer, if there is any…
I’m wondering if, from any religious perspective (I don’t care if it’s Catholic, Muslim, or Hindu) if it’s known or estimated, some sort of a timeline, or any idea at all of when and where, exactly, ancient Egyptians fit into sacred scripture. I’ve heard it said that even to Abraham and Sarah, if they looked at the pyramids, they would have thought of them as ancient. Abraham and Sarah’s story came after Noah’s story, and Noah came after Adam and Eve. I realize from Adam and Eve to Noah’s flood, it is give or take hundreds or thousands of years. I’m figuring the pyramids would possibly fit into the time of between Adam and Eve and Noah, rather than after Noah. And if this is the case, the flood must have only been local and not global, or the waters would have destroyed the beautiful work of these ancient Egyptians.
Does anyone else have a better figuring? I’m wondering, too, because I’m considering writing a novel about Eve, and it might help to know what other things might have been taking place in other lands during the hundreds of years that I personally believe she might have lived for.


Speaking very, very roughly, Abraham was about 2,000 BC, Moses about 1,500 BC, and David about 1,000 BC.

Noah, to my knowledge of literal Biblical chronology, was after 3,000 BC but before 2,500 BC. Probably closer to 2,500 BC. Though that’s not really my thing.


Likely you would have to place the pyramids after the flood. You realize we do not need treat Genesis as literal time line history. However…

Another historical point to note is associated with the Tower of Babel, likely coincident with zigarats in profane history. But these were built in the ballpark of 3000-2700 BC. This occurs after the flood, but before the pyramids which were done in the 2500-2000 BC ballpark.



There is a lot of speculation about the Pyramids and esp. about the Spinx. The Pyramids are guessed to be about 5.000 years old or so; Noah and Abraham may have gazed upon them. Who knows. The Spinx may be a lot older according to some calculations because of weathering and erosion, possibly caused by a wetter climate. What is fairly well established is the Middle East was ones a lush paradise, a garden that Adam and Eve may have walked in with the Lord. Climate change anyone?
We tend to think that the stories of the OT are allegories for the most part, but how do we really know? I think that there is more fact and truth to the OT than allegories., but that is just my own opinion.
If you do write about Eve you should do the 5 W’s of journalism: who, what, where, when, and why-to the best of your ability. To write about Eve will take some ‘Biblical Inspiration,’ a good feel for the Biblical historical and archeology sense. I guess research is the key word.
I would love to see whatever you write, but remember this; Adam and Eve are long lost relatives of mine…and I said it first!:smiley: P. S. Go to UTUBE and search Egypt and you will find some interesting facts about the middle east.:thumbsup:


Yes, its most probably a dramatized local flood, they knew nothing about the globe, at the time.


The older version of the Proclamation of the Birth of Jesus on Christmas day places the flood 2957 BC. But its not required that Catholics have to hold to that date I think.


God Bless


The famous Sphinx was originally a giant dog from the Old Kingdom, which got its head knocked off. The stump of the neck was sculpted into a face of one of the Amenemhets of the Middle Kingdom. Incidentally, one of the Amenemhets was the pharaoh of Joseph according to David Rohl.

I think juries are out as to whether Eve lived for hundreds of years or not. Some experts think dynasties are referred to by the term “generations”.

The situation in Gen 1 verses 2 and following, is the furthest back human beings can remember. (“Mytochondrial” Eve - she of the “ontological leap” - if there was one - is often hypothesised at between 80,000 and 120,000 years ago.) David Rohl sees Adam and Eve as escaping the former Black Sea bed (an incident dealt with by Ryan and Pitman though they confusingly title their book “Noah’s Flood”).

The two floods rolled into one in the “flood narrative” are a later occurrence. In at least one of them, the expression “over the mountains” may mean over the tops of the artificial mountains on which temples were built. “Earth”, “land” and “world” may have had more overlapping connotations than commonly nowadays.

The floods are probably not just local. For example, an island in the Western Aleutians exploded a few years before Noah’s flood, and darkness, cooling, freezing and thawing would have been on a big scale. (That’s where there was a quake the other day!)

Stephen Oppenheimer highlights that the Sunda Sea was also inundated some time back. His account is titled “Eden in the East”. Certainly some experts have long reported that there were several immigrations in a westward direction from more eastern parts. (In the dumbed-down digests we commonly get, people before Columbus were supposed to be too primitive to migrate.)

Oppenheimer, and Ryan & Pitman, are very illuminating about the function of what is termed “myth” as education system (Oppenheimer critiques Frazier’s Golden Bough). It comprises bullet points as aides-memoire. Many peoples have at various times forgotten how to fill out the story. Even when written versions existed, they were intended as a check for the people who were going to do the oral transmitting which was the main means of transmission.

Babel comes at the end of the period of Nimrod (Enmer) whom Rohl has a date for. He had tried to unify religions in a major complex - when God wants mutual respect for diversity. Major and diverse immigrations and emigrations all happened at that time.

Certain experts are piecing together some fairly good hypotheses, while there are also some that are a little less good which one can place further down the list if one wants.


Thankyou to everyone for your thoughts on this.
MaryEstelle, I, like you, personally believe the Old Testament stories aren’t allegories either. I’ve always thought of them as literal, especially the Creation/ Adam & Eve story, and hoped they are. To a certain point, I would think they must be literal. Obviously, Adam and Eve were two very real human people, the first man and woman, and from them we descended. I love your description of the Middle East as being a lush paradise! I love to think of it that way too! I almost wonder if it might have been considered tropical, what with the palm trees, sea, and flowering trees and natural growing fruit. I’m all for climate change if it means turning into a tropical paradise! Why not? Thankyou, too, for your encouragement on my writing. I’m really looking forward to writing about Adam and Eve, starting with their beginning and going throughout their lives together, and my own imaginings of what all came after. There is certainly enough to work with, and it will all be my own creation, and I can make it however I want it to be, sticking as much to the bible as possible, while embellishing it with my own personal creation. I’d like to emulate the style of a novel I’ve read twice now and loved. It’s “Havah: The Story of the First Woman Eve” by Tosca Lee. I thought it was very beautifully written. If you ever read it, I hope you’ll love it just as much as I did.


Lol! What sort of “local flood” covers mountains?

Gen 8:5 And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month: in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, were the tops of the mountains seen.


God says in Genesis 9:11:

" I will establish my covenant with you, and all flesh shall be no more destroyed with the waters of a flood, neither shall there be from henceforth a flood to waste the earth"

If the flood was a local flood, doesn’t that mean that God is breaking His promise every time there is a local flood?

There is evidence for a young earth - see


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