Adam & Eve, Dinosaurs etc

One of my friends at work asked me the other day “Why did God create dinosaurs before humans?” and it got me stumped, why?

And also Neanderthals, was Adam & Eve the first of our species or were they some kind of prehistoric people?

And people always ask me are we all incest because we come from Adam & Eve?

I don’t really feel the need to think about these questions as I don’t think it’s going to affect my salvation but it’s strange to think what so many atheists and agnostics get confused by and I actually want to give them a plausible answer to help them


As with many things about nature, we don’t know.

And also Neanderthals, was Adam & Eve the first of our species or were they some kind of prehistoric people?

Our first parents were people like us.

And people always ask me are we all incest because we come from Adam & Eve?

No incest problem. It is true that all human beings are one big family, very closely related.

A good source of Catholic responses to questions such as those in the original post can be found at

That’s the same as asking: “Why did God create other galaxies, stars and planets?”. :smiley:

Imagine our Universe actually being a geocentric Ptolemaic system: relatively small, with Earth at the center. Human beings, after having explored the Earth through, would quickly have grown bored and would have started to think of themselves as the center of the Universe. Although, in reality that center is God.

The real Universe and real natural history show us how tiny and insignificant the human beings are from the physical standpoint. It reminds us that we are nothing in comparison with God.

Remind them to think of this question the next time they put gas in their car. Without dinosaurs, they wouldn’t be pumping gas into their tanks… :wink:

And also Neanderthals, was Adam & Eve the first of our species or were they some kind of prehistoric people?

Adam & Eve were the first people with human souls. The teaching of the Church isn’t about science, so it doesn’t address distinctions between homo sapiens and homo neanderthalensis.

And people always ask me are we all incest because we come from Adam & Eve?

That’s a difficult question. The Biblical account isn’t a history account – it’s trying to teach us something about God’s plan of salvation for us. So, it tells its own story, while leaving out details that we might include if we were writing a history book or reporting a news story.

So, the Bible story doesn’t include the kinds of info that we’d need in order to answer your question. But, there are certain things that we know about God. We know that He doesn’t force sinful behavior on us. We know He doesn’t ask us to commit evil. And so, if we see something that seems to have the possibility of the appearance that God sets things up so that we’ll sin, then we can be sure we’ve misunderstood the situation.

it’s strange to think what so many atheists and agnostics get confused by and I actually want to give them a plausible answer to help them

Sometimes, atheists and agnostics don’t want to be helped. Sometimes, they just want to raise doubts in believers’ minds… :shrug:

What difference would this make? Maybe He did it to make us humble.

Adam and Eve were similar to Neanderthals, though before them. Neanderthals came after them. Neanderthals are just an ethnic group of humans, like the Chinese or Australian aboriginals today. Neanderthals were actually more intelligent than modern humans, they have bigger brains and better genetics (even evolutionists agree with this). They have better genetics because they were closer to the perfect genetic copy (Adam and Eve), than we are today many many generations removed with degraded genetics from genetic degradation.

Adam and Eve being the first created human beings were genetically superior to current day humans. This is why their children could procreate without fear of genetic mutations like today. Today incest is outlawed because our genetics have degraded so much since the time of Adam and Eve (see genetic degradation) that close relatives should no longer procreate (though some muslim communities do). The alternative to incest in the very first generation is bestiality according to the evolutionary model. According to evolutionists, early humans interbred with slightly less human creatures. This is technically bestiality. Its funny how atheists have a problem with incest in the very first generation of mankind, yet give the thumbs up to bestiality with the evolutionary model.

They get confused because they are only taught evolution while creation is censored from the mainstream media. Their confusion is due to the fact no one has ever told them the creation story and the exact details of it.

As far as we can tell from both science and theology, It takes a universe and billions of years to make a person. And there is no other way. That is how God did it.

This just proves how much God likes to create and the wide variety of things he creates, if we did not have the bones to prove it…to suggest there was once large serpent like beasts roaming the earth, would seem crazy upon first thought.

I dont think it had anything to do with oil or fossil fuels though, that does not sound like God to intentionally create a species for the sole purpose of a future civilizations transportation needs. LOL

Hello camkutz. As a biologist and a Catholic I do think it is better to read the early chapters of Gensis as myth exploring human nature than as a natural account of creation. The genetic knowledge we have today makes us understand that it is highly unlikely that we are all descended from two individuals who lived at the same time - new spcies generally require a group of individuals to split off from a larger group. Slowly the Catholic Chuch is letting go of a literal understanding of the early chapters of Genesis; what the Church must now come to terms with is how to understand Genesis with the modern biological understanding that it is very unlikely that we are descended from a primordial couple. And yet Adam and Eve still stand in for humankind. Genesis still explores human frailties and the relationship between mankind and God. I can see me in both Adam and Eve.

I use to think like this when I was younger, because I was still influenced by liberal academia. I remember in theology class, I perceived some elderly woman to be foolish to believe in Adam and Eve as the first parents because “Jesus said they existed”.

Nine years later, I’ve been completely humbled.

Adam & Eve existed in the same way that Jesus & Mary existed; there were no groups of individuals in pre-historic times instead of Adam and Eve, in the same way we believe that Christianity didn’t arise from several groups of Jews instead of Jesus through Mary.

The problem with modern science is that, underneath it all, it is still stuck in 18th century anti-Church sentiment. So things such as the geological timeline are not challenged, nor the stories that arise from it.

There was a time when people stopped believing everything the Bible said about history: that there was a civilization in the Middle East that the Jews said existed, but scholars thought it was fantasy to fuel there eternal underdog story. Then in the 20th century, those clever modern scholars found the remnants of the ancient Sumerian civilization. The Jews weren’t crazy after all!

And remember that really famous story of destruction in the first chapters of Genesis? There was no proof of a cataclysmic event which wiped out the growing flora and fauna of the old earth. Except just over 30 years ago, in the 1980s, another clever group of scientists saw the evidence that there was a mass extinction event that almost instantaneously wiped out all life. It’s not called the Flood, however. It goes by a new name: the K-T extinction event.

In the Middle Ages, priests and bishops invented the modern university system to help prove the Christian God and the history we’re left with wasn’t some made up hogwash by a bunch of Jews. Ironically, despite the anti-Church sentiment in science, it’s going according to plan.

I’d rather contend that the Church isn’t releasing its grip on science. In fact, considering the rise of traditional Catholics who are beginning to see how damaged the faith became due to modernism, it’ll tighten its grip on things. After all, we don’t want scientists to spend all our taxpayer money making up stories about multiverses and time travel, do we?


P.S It’s not permissible in Catholicism to believe Adam & Eve did not exist. Whether you believe literally in the creation account, or whether you believe they evolved from single celled organisms and stumbled into the equally evolving Garden of Eden, believing in Adam & Eve as two real human beings is not optional. The reason for this actually stems from the reality of Jesus: if a real Adam did not exist and did not commit the first sin, then a real Jesus did not need to come down and vanquish it.

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