Adam Lambert to be Queen's new lead singer

I can only wonder what John Deacon’s reaction was…
I hereby refuse to acknowledge Brian and Roger (and whoever else tags along) as “Queen” anymore.

Talking of Queen, I wonder if ERASURE (the two man duo) will ever make a comeback or George Michael, or Pet Shop Boys? I know Elton John has regained some popularity.

The only thing these two have in common is their sexuality. I remember when lamnbert first came to “fame” people were calling him the next mercury .Say what you like about mercury’s personal life style. But on stage he was great. Probably one of the best performers of the age. I have seen a bit of lambert and what i’ve seen he doesn’t come close to matching mercury. Poor fans will probably be paying huge money for tickets to a show that would most likely be no better than some cover band playing at their local venue. I think Robbie Williams would have been a better choice.,

He’s no Freddie Mercury, but some of his songs are guilty pleasures of mine. Personally though, it will never be the same without Freddie Mercury, no matter how good a performer Lambert is. (From a singing stand point, he’s only ok, but the man can put on quite a show.)


Are you guys sure this isn’t just a rumor? There is nothing about this on Queen’s website or on the Queen Wikipedia page (say what you want about Wikipedia’s reliability, but when it comes to things like this, they’re usually on top of things).

I’d wait for a more reliable source than MTV before believing this one.

Thankfully, it appears that it was taken out of context.
I don’t think I can even trust a magazine like Rolling Stone to not report false news…

Yes, sadly when news outlets seem to vie for being the one to break a story, they seem more prone to these kinds of blunders. Thankfully, it is just a rumor.

I could maybe see them deciding to do a “Queen + Adam Lambert” concert here and there, but it would surprise me greatly if they ever asked him to be a member of the band. It doesn’t matter how good the singer is, I don’t think fans would ever go for them replacing Freddie Mercury and putting out new albums.

I agree. The tours they did with Paul Rodgers years back were at least not officially billed as just “Queen”. I’d prefer that Brian and Roger tour under simply “Brian May & Roger Taylor” or a similar moniker, but I doubt that it would sell as many tickets.

Hope Adam enjoys his stay with Queen.

Freddy would have been proud, I think.


Did you miss the part about this being a rumor that is not true? :wink:

Oh, sorry, my bad…:eek:

Guess I just browsed through the thread without reading every post. Fifity lashes with a wet noodle for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, sorry…LOL.

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