Adam, man or Homosapian made anew?


so, were there one homo sapiens who would be deemed as Adam? or a newly formed man who father born with the image of the LORD. Did his parent be from the heaven or Born naturally through the LORD’s Wisdom?


Catholic theology affirms that that the emergence of the first members of the human species (whether as individuals or in populations) represents an event that is not susceptible of a purely natural explanation and which can appropriately be attributed to divine intervention. Acting indirectly through causal chains operating from the beginning of cosmic history, God prepared the way for what Pope John Paul II has called “an ontological leap…the moment of transition to the spiritual.” While science can study these causal chains, it falls to theology to locate this account of the special creation of the human soul within the overarching plan of the triune God to share the communion of trinitarian life with human persons who are created out of nothing in the image and likeness of God, and who, in his name and according to his plan, exercise a creative stewardship and sovereignty over the physical universe.

Communion and Stewardship: Human Persons Created in the Image of God by the International Theological Commission


This encyclical will be of help:


How is possible that due to evolution that it isn’t that there were multiple Adams not one Adam despite the evolutionary roots of the apes?


Have you read the official documents?

Dogma states that we have two original parents and that God created everything from nothing. Past these two dogmatic beliefs, we have speculation and theories.


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