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There used to be a thread in the old style forums where people added a sentence or some words to create an ongoing story. So, I’ll start and anyone can add to the sentence or clause of the previous poster:

It was a beautiful sunny day and Emma saw

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Three jackrabbits fighting over a discarded banana

outside her bedroom window. Emma scratched her head and thought to herself…

‘Why didn’t Joel just put the banana in the garbage can? It’s right there.’ Emma was friends with Joel ever since he…

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… moved in next door when they were both 5 years old. “Oh!” Suddenly Emma saw Joel…

putting two of the rabbits into a cage. Then Joel

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turned around and saw

Emma laughing because

the third jackrabbit was

Really chi chi the monkey who cleaned huts for free down in Florida. But wait, monkeys aren’t native to Florida…

Chichi had escaped from the circus. He was a very good monkey and very curious, sometimes he was even called

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Monchichi. He liked his new life away from the circus but was sad because he missed his twin sister and

all the circus acts, especially the man who would

feed him and his sister Chiquita, bananas and

Spaghetti! But more than that, he missed

his nightcap of tequila, because …


He could sing better


Then after a tequila or two, Monchichi broke out into a rousing chorus of “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconts” only to hear

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the most dreadful of screams and have a boot flung at him…


By Emma, who, unbeknownst to Monchichi, was the cousin of the half-brother of the tequila drinking circus man,

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