Addicted to gangster rap


Is it a sin to listen to gangster rap? I am Dutch and started listning German gangsterrap, it’s all about driving in big cars. Having sex with prostitutes, sluts and stuff.

It’s about drugs etc, but the music really is good to work out on. I do a lot of cardio and it has nice beats to train to… But it’s all about stuff that God would never aprove of I wonder if that’s a sin or wrong.

I don’t have much else, since my life is kinda broken atm. It makes me forget my problems and to be honest I wanted to try smoking weed for a long time now… So I don’t mind they rap about drugs.

A large amount of Gangster rappers mention or talk about God in their songs. I’m not expert but I doubt it is a sin.

I admire some rappers for breaking away from hardship and trying to better themselves, but I can’t watch a rap music video (or any music video) without seeing some half-naked women being paraded around with fast cars!

I prefer Morrissey - he gets me through the really rough days.

Some rappers were born and raised well-off. :slight_smile: :gopray:

I would say it is a sin… what you listen to on the radio works its way into your subconsciousness and will affect what is in your heart. When I was in late high school and early college I listened to a lot of punk rock and even then I wasn’t a Catholic and I remember how polluted I felt mentally and emotionally from listening to it all the time.

There are Christian rappers in case you are interested in them. Examples are LeCrae and flame.

Saint Paul said “everything is permitted, but not everything is of benefit” ((After 1 Corinthians 10:23)), which basically means everything not explicitly a mortal sin is allowed, but not necessarily of spiritual benefit. Listening to trashy music would fall into this category. It is not sinful to listen to the music, but won’t help you resist the temptation to commit sins sung about.

Following the logic of Saint Paul’s passage further, listening to the music because it has a good beat is acceptable; listening to it because someone pointed out the immoral behavior portrayed becomes less so…

The subconscious thing isnt really proven, its just a Freudian theory. i think its possible (It seems like most bad people listen to bad music- I dont know if they listen to it just to fit in or because it influenced them) but I fail to see how rap is a sin. If the rapper is obsessed with sex and drugs in his songs then yeah, id steer clear of him. But otherwise, i dont see how rap itself is harmful.

I can’t comment on whether or not listening to gangsta rap (that’s how it’s supposed to be spelled) is a sin, but being addicted to it? That’s like being addicted to the smell of an outdoor privy. Fah!!!

Morrissey! LOVE HIM and The Smiths.

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me.

I discovered that song 23 years ago and it still gives me the chills.


As another poster said, check out some of the Christian rappers. You might like TobyMac or LeCrae. Christian music has come a long way and there are lots of great songs with good beats to work out too.

Hope that helps!


The above isn’t good to drill into one’s head through music. The music we listen to can and does have an affect on us. Could you possibly pick and choose songs that are not strongly condoning those things? :slight_smile:

I like TobyMac. I also like Carman (I don’t know if his music is still around). You might want to try them.

Umm it’s more like common sense. if you need “research” to back up this point then you are lying to yourself. Music affects mood. When you listen to sad music or watch a sad movie, it puts you in a sad mood. When you listen to happy or inspirational music you feel inspired or optimistic. When you listen to music that talks about drugs and prostitutes, you think about those things. When you think about those things enough, your heart and your brain become used to them and it starts to become a part of your attitude. Think about the disconnect. When I hear about drugs and prostitution, naturally it makes me sad and I have a negative feeling from it. As I should, because these things are objectively evil. But if I listen to and enjoy music that promotes these things, it influences me. Even if it doesn’t change my attitudes towards them, it causes these things to feel more “normalized.” It’s the same with violent movies, etc. Also remember the words of St. Paul: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

Now tell me, can you listen to gangsta rap and not think about the terrible things they’re rapping about?

Aaah I used to love Carmen when I was 6-7 years old back in the early 90’s! Me and my brothers and sister used to do crazy dances while listening to him on the cassette player. D.C. talk was big back then too (tell me who’s in the house!). I haven’t heard of anything coming from him anytime in the 21st century… I just remember listening to his music and seeing his super-cheesy movies on TV.

That is true but I think the best rappers are those who have an exciting story to tell.

:smiley: I only discovered him two years ago! I know what you mean - his music has an amazing effect on people - especially “I have forgiven Jesus”.

I can listen to any type of rap and I dont think about what theyre talking about, primarily because I dont understand what theyre saying half the time :smiley: But you’re right, music can affect mood. But mood doesnt necessarily control behavior. Like I said earlier, I dont think “gangsta” rap is healthy. However, I dont think its as influential as some think. Like the feeling you get from songs is different with rap. Depressing music can make you a sad person because the song focuses on an abstract object, while rap focuses on concrete objects. That wont make you use them, itll make immune to the idea of them. And for the influences of music/video games/ etc. Ill use violent video games as an example. I played them for 3-4 years daily and i am not a violent person. There are people I know who can be violent by playing them, but it might just be how easily we’re controlled by our environment. I guess you could say rap can influence a person’s behavior, but its more likely if the person is weak.

I would argue that many of the Smith’s music is quite sad - but it makes me feel better - it gives me comfort to know that others are going through difficult times…

to the original poster… first off brother it shows you care about god because you are asking the question… and i feel i can help you

i too like you loved to listen to rap at the gym… let me tell you why i think its a detriment to you to do so by sharing my story…

when i was young i went to church with my family and had a great life… then in highschool i started listening to gangster rap, which led me from that great life into a life of sin, drugs, being anti-social and disobedient…

god never let go of me after that and i continued to listen to rap… when i strayed from the church i listened to alot of filthy rap, almost all of it was immoral, about having sex, cars, money, fame, having firearms, killing, stealing…

dont be misled… even though some of these rappers use god in there text, what they are professing is clearly out of line with god…

i went to the gym for about a year and a half listening to this kind of perverted rap… and i was so into my gymwork, looking good, that i had become extremely prideful once i looked like i wanted to look… i started acting in that way when i went out to pickup girls and eventually what happened is that superficial life broke me down so much so that my cockiness was a sword that i used which ended up stabbing my own flesh so to speak causing me anger and hatred so much so that i was hospitalized for pyschiatric problems for almost a month!! what happened was my soul had been so depleted of god that my body my mind my eating habits my attitude became bad producing little fruit and my hospitalization may have been evil spirits too

what is going on here is you are being decieved… because on the one hand you like the music/the beat that is… you think the rappers themselves are not doing anything wrong… but that is where you are being decieved… if you read the bible… what does god hate? i cant remember the exact verse but hte things that are highly regarded amongst men, are despised by god (why, becuase they lead away from god)…

so what can this be in relation to rap? easy… money, clothes, girls, cars, rims, guns, bandanas, status, drugs…

this is so simple to me now look how i break it down…

money - you cannot serve god and mammoth
clothes - isnt there more to life than clothes and what you shall wear?
girls - lust is adultery of the heart… the immoral shall not inheret the kingdom of god
cars - again material - renounce everythign you have
rims - same thing
guns - thou shall not ill
bandanas - criminal element subculture wear
status - boast in nothing except in god
drugs - your body is a temple of the spirit

what hurts me more is when you see jesus on the covers of albums… and then when yo ulisten to the lyrics there is adultery, fornication, stealing etc… dont be decieved! they are living ungodly lives… that is that. when you listen to it you are filling your godly mind with stuff you dont really want and you can struggle with it liek i did because you think its harmless… i urge you to rethink everything when it comes to this kind of music because of the inherent evil contained in it…

remember god wants you to live a godly life, a more abundant, fuller , meaning ful joyful happy life… this doenst mean you have to be a hippy… it doesnt mean you have to listen to a water and nature soundtrakc but it means not polluting your thoughts

these people will have to render an account of themselves on judgment day just as everyone else will… they will stand before jesus and will have to demonstrate why they promoted all the vices and sins in the world to earn a salary of a couple or hundreds of millions of dollars…

, just remember that… and while i cannot blame you nor do ijudge you, like me… you are doing things the hard way by continually listening to this stuff… because i know your battling in your mind…

what did i do? one day while at my laptop i listened to god through my concious and prayer and it was as if it was a race against time to delete all the **** i had on my laptop… so i did as if a bomb was going to go off… i felt pure! i felt release! i felt like i could start a new!

i am surprised now that the workouts i am getting listening to anything but ungodly music make my workouts 100X better… more intense… focusing more on my body my strength my will my mind … my character is better im at peace i am not anxious… this is being free

when i do go back to listen to the stuff i see it for what it is! so i urge you my friend to reflect deeply and i guarantee you that by choosing to stray from this stuff you will not be harmed in fact you will be strengthed beyond imagination… dont live the double life of being who god wants you to be and pretending to like stuff that you know deep down is stupid immoral wrong

god bless

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