Addicted to the internet and always wasting time


Through Mary Immaculate,

I need advice and help. I feel that i waste too much time on trivial things and that I am addicted to the internet and here is why:

I spend hours and I mean hours on the computer searching for random stuff such as politics, films, books, science, comics, even games which I can't even play because I don't have access to any game consoles. I very seldom play video games and when I do, I only play free flash based ones; I don't buy them at all. Alot of the time, I go on you tube to search for music and funny or amusing videos. I say funny and amusing videos, because alot of these videos are either pranks or videos from America's funniest home videos.

I visit alot of websites to see their updates. I really don't recommend you visit these sites except for research because they have so many things in them that may entice you to keep on visiting (also, some of these sites do have some very strong language and obscene jokes). I visit Listverse, Oddee,,, Catholic Answers forums every single day.

And then there are the other time wasters. I have a bad habit of letting myself go with my imagination, imagine some exciting scene happening and jump and run around my room in utter excitement. In these bits, I don't think or try to develop some idea which I have; I don't let my imagination reign I simply let my impulses reign:(. I also take too long to cook food. For example, it takes me an hour to make a simple omelette:(.


It takes me an hour to make a cheese sandwhich, an hour to eat food (which I eat with the computer on), etc…

Also, I feel that I get too worried with time. I’m always checking the clock and when I see that it is 20 minutes to the next hour, I lose heart and feel that I have wasted so much time even when I’m doing something useful.

I’m also having an attack of the scruples. I’ve seen so many disturbing things with the research I did. In all honesty, I don’t view shock videos or go on shock sites at all, except I did see a few videos showing executions and public suicides but that was it. I never saw pornographic or sexually sadistic videos, (thank Mary), but with the knowldge of the prevalance of sexual abuse and trafficking, all the wars and all the deceptive politicians in this world and how alot of priests and bishops just don’t give a damn on their catholic faith makes me very sad and depressed. That, and Í have alot of trouble with my neglect for prayer. I sleep very late at night, sometimes even spending up to three o’clock awake and waking up the next day at 12 o’clock noon.

WOuld somebody please give me advice how I can pput my life back in order? I’m really desperate. I’m writing this at 1 in the morning as I can’t sleep. It would all be greatly appreciated.


I would say set a special time everyday to pray…5 to 20 minutes where it’s just you and God. Make sure you get away from the computer for a certain amount of time before you do it to relax your mind. I feel for myself it’s harder to stay focused and pray right after surfing the web, listening to music, or watching tv for an extended amount of time. I think it has something to do with the brain or something like that. I would also ween yourself off websites the produce crude humor and language (as I have done with some of the music I listen to), and take a deep breath. The looking at the clock thing may be OCD but I am certainly no expert on that. You are in my prayers, I say go to Our Lady and say a Rosary (or at least a decade of a rosary). Keep the faith and know our Perfect Church is run by an Imperfect, sinful people. I hope you have a Happy Easter and God Bless!


How old are you and how do you support yourself?


I’m seventeen. I don’t know what you meant though by support yourself. I live with my parents. Thanks for your concern:).

To make other things clear, I never watch TV either, its just the computer that 'm addicted to.


Well, you have a big job ahead of you. You need to get control of yourself before you become an adult and find yourself out in the big world needing to have a job and support yourself.

Are you a student? Are you able to do your schoolwork on a reasonable schedule? If so, you can take some of the techniques you use to complete your schoolwork to get control of the other things you are doing.

It would seem to be a good idea to take things bit by bit. Every day, take one task you need to complete and give yourself a time limit for it. When you are able to get your one task per day done without wasting time, add another one, until you are in the habit of working steadily. If you live with your parents, I’m sure there are plenty of things you can do to help around the house and make your mom and dad happy. If you can’t figure out what needs doing, feel free to ask. After you pick your mom up off the floor (just kidding), she’ll tell you how you can help, and you can work on whatever task she assigns you with a self-imposed time limit, too.

Try to do everything for the glory of God, too. You don’t want to offer Him something done haphazardly or carelessly or too slowly.

Hope something here helps you. It’s a struggle. I waste a lot of time online, too, so I know how hard it is to conquer that.


I was in a similar state back in my mid to late 20’s. I had a dozen or so websites that I checked daily, plus at least 8 forums that I posted on regularly (usually several times a day). I very seldom went to bed at the same time as my wife and would often stay up until 4:00-5:00 am just so I could check my favorite sites and reply to posts in the forums. I averaged well over 6 hours a day on the internet and would sometimes miss meals with the family because I was tied up with my online behavior.

I realized I needed to do something about it when my wife mentioned it at a dinner with my family. There was something I had promised to do either for her or my son and it never got done because I was online. I tried to figure out how to resolve the issue but it wasn’t something that you could find any information on at the time.

The first thing I did was to set certain times that I would not go online. It wasn’t a big step, but it was something. I also started setting a cut-off time that I would turn off the computer and go to bed. I cut this back by about half an hour every few weeks. I later cut a couple of the forums out cold turkey. This was one of the best things because it freed up more time than just about anything else. I then looked at the sites I checked regularly and figured out which ones I could check only once a week instead of every day. Before long I found that I wasn’t checking those sites at all.

I’m not saying all these things would work or apply to you, but I managed to cut my internet usage down to the point that it no longer interfered with anything else.


Baltobetsy and Gordon, I'm going tot ake your advice. I'll cut viewing the internet, even tohugh I really am going to have to work on the computer ebcause of ym book:). Thanks alot everyone:).


I’m in the same struggle, Disinherited…hang in there. There is a distinct difference between productive computer time and hanging out on the Internet, so no worries about the work. This is coming from someone who could easily play computer games for hours if I let myself. Hard stops like what Gordon suggests are an excellent idea and help me out too. And finding activities off the computer (reading is a big one for me) helps too. God bless!

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