Addiction and sinning



Currenlty I have a porn addiction, I have been managing to fight it somehow, however sometimes it pulls me in and when it does it pulls me in good. I want to fight it sometimes it goes alright but always it gets me in weakness…

I know sometimes I give in to easy it seems but it is so hard. I confessed with my priest and even long before I told him I struggle with this. I am wondering what you people think I do not want to bring it up to my priest all the time…

But here I am did confession did my penitention and here I am going off to porn again… It sucks I want to quite, but on the other hand sometimes it’s really strong…


Go to confession regularly, and do not fail to mention this grave sin, if you have committed the sin since your last good confession. Pray the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and practice self-denial in all things.

Read this document of the U.S. Bishops: Create in Me a Clean Heart


I agree that Porn is an addiction and it is good that you are able to acknowledge this. However going around in circles with your priest in confession on this will only end up with some crazy OCD situation that exacerbates your shame. A professional counselor who specializes in healing addictions can get to the root of this issue much quicker than the priest can. Virtually all addictions are rooted in childhood wounds where as children we experienced gaps in our developmental need for love and secure attachment. Everyone has issues, the sooner you do the hard psychological work to uproot the issues, the more peaceful your life becomes. May God reveal to you your path towards wholeness.


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