Addiction or lack of faith


How to examine whether you are addicted to something or its just lack of faith and trust in Jesus? Because I think Im addicted to impure things but what if its my mind tricking me to think so and the reality is completely different? Maybe its just lack of trust in Jesus that He can save me from falling?


I dont believe that is a lack of faith at all. I was on heroin and crack for a few years now ive been clean for 6 yrs and doing what i love again. I know its a disease or certains areas of my brain that dont work the way they should but that being saif i always think jesus can help if u believe in him. I struggle with that but i do know people who believe and they are always confident and have a strength they get from theyre god that i have never experienced


Anyone? Im afraid


If you lacked faith, then you wouldn’t be persevering as you obviously are. I have to ask myself similar questions at times. We keep returning to the same old sins. But we have to be patient and persevere. It will take a better person than me to diagnose whether you are addicted or not, but in the meantime we have to carry our cross and persevere. Think of St Paul’s struggles too. (Rom 7:23-24). Also, do not be afraid. God’s love for us is greater than our sins, and Jesus is always waiting for us in the sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist. That is what they are for. God bless. x


Having faith doesn’t mean that you won’t struggle with things. It’s business as usual when it comes to struggles, whether you have faith or you don’t.


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