Addiction question

Hi everyone,

This question has been bothering me: If a person begins doing something sinful, such as self-mutilation, without knowing that it was a sin, and began making it a habit until they were addicted to it. If this person would really and truly want to give up their problem, but couldn’t because they fell into temptation, would they be in a state of mortal sin?



Yes. Since self-mutilation is grave matter and they do it with full knowledge and consent. Addiction might lessen the graveness a bit, but it is still mortal sin.

Are we talking about the same type of mutilation or are you talking piercing & tattoos and such?
If you are talking about cutting: I believe that cutting is usually a strong indicator that some type of sexual abuse has occured. The abuse could have occurred in early childhood, but the cutting usually doesn’t start until adolescence. Also, people who are active drug addicts tend to pick at their skin until they bleed because of the effects of the drug. In either case professional help is needed to heal. When I was younger I cut myself as well, however, not on a daily basis, but in spurts but I never knew why. I started when I was 13, I did notice however that it did relieve some of the emotional & mental agony. I would strongly urge you to seek counseling, I am now 46 years old and I am just beginning to take care of that issue I wouldn’t recomend waiting like I did. I probably could have lead a much fuller life years ago if I didn’t just keep saying to myself-well it was in the past, it doesn’t affect me now. It affected every area of my life, but I didn’t see it.

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