Addiction to books and book lists


Hi everyone, I know this sounds strange, but I always procrastinate by browsing through book reviews on Amazon. My addiction to compiling book list for various subjects (Latin, Greek, Philosophy, Theology, Math, Physics, Chemistry, History, English Literature) has been there for 5 to 6 years and I am always distracted from my study. Moreover, I always browse through Google Books and read free excerpts, which again wastes my time in studying. I sometimes browse through Wikipedia for interesting knowledge but my poor memory definitely does not retain the information. Sigh … when others are relaxing by hanging out with friends or watching Netflix, I spend all my free time reading or compiling book lists. In particular, I am always interested in history of Catholic education, which is why I am always spending my time on Google. I also spend my pocket money stocking books which are yet to be read. Sigh …

For your information, I am a 23-year-old college student who has some close friends.


Well discipline yourself to stop procrastination and focus.
And stop making excuses


I can certainly think of worst things a 23 year old college student could be doing.

You seem to have a desire for knowledge and many interests.

I spent a lot of money in my 30’s and 40’s
on books and, unfortunately, I never got around to reading many of them. So that is one area I would advise you to be disciplined.


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