Addiction to pornography leads to broken marriages, expert warns (CNA)

Mexico City, Mexico, Apr 1, 2009 / 01:36 pm (CNA).- The president of the organization Morality in Media, Robert Peters, warned this week that at least 10% of the world’s population is addicted to pornography and that this vice is the cause of many failed marriages.

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As sad as this is, I can’t say I’m surprised. This is an issue that is very close to me, as I have been deeply affected by men in my life who have been or are addicted to pornography.

Pornography destroys marriages because pornography trains a person to expect that same perfection in one’s spouse. Many of the images used in pornographic Internet sites and magazines are not even real people; they are computer generated images. We simply cannot live up to these expectations, as we all have some sort of imperfection or flaw. However, just because we cannot live up to the expectations does not stop these expectations to be transferred to a spouse. When spouses are no longer captivated by each other, the marriage begins to fail.

It is extremely important to pray for the youth in the world who are being exposed to this, whether in the home, through friends, or some other means. The majority of young boys have had their first exposure to pornography by the age of 7. This is extremely disturbing and we need to take action to protect the youth from carrying this sin on further.
Please pray for all individuals who have fallen into a pornography addiction. Pray for them and their families. Please pray for the protection of youth today that they may not fall victim to this sin. Finally, please pray for all women and others who have been greatly harmed by this horrific industry.

Peace in Christ,

I think 10% is conservatively low. I see the Supreme Court’s rule to protect pornography as “speech” back in the early 60’s as the root of the moral decline we are now experiencing. Easy acess to the pill came next, then legalized abortion, and now it’s anything goes!

I agree that this percentage is probably very low in comparison to failed marriages. As one who works in marriage prep, this is one issue that we tackle, since it affects so many.

I know people don’t agree with me but I don’t buy into the addiction to porn nonsense.

The addiction word is an excuse for people to justify their bad behavior. In fact is has become a big business. Hard drugs is addictive not porn or smoking. It’s like bottled water people are buying it.

So if you’re a man zip it up; just stop it. Pray about it and stop it.

Now everybody can call me names and say how stupid I am.

BUT: If you a man deep down you know I’m right? I can’t talk about a woman.

BTW if you’re a drive by poster I’m not going to response to you. If you want to have a discussion about it; fine, all you want to do is post and cuss me out or PM me and cuss me out and do not want to have a discussion. That tells me a lot about your moral fiber.

I wonder though if you might have skipped over the diabolical involvement in pornography? Even if there were no phisiological evidence that it was addictive, I wouldn’t discout the power of demons over the mind to influence men. However, does not labelling it addiction imply that it is alright in moderation? Alcohol is fine, in moderation. Cigarettes…No, not really. And I suppose most all other drug addictions are bad aswell. Okay, alcohol is the only one that’s permissible in moderation. And even then, I’m told it causes cancer.

Where I’m coming from is that I’ve seen men that use the addiction word to commit adultery; “Sorry baby, I know I shouldn’t have had sex with [whomever] but I’m addicted to sex, feel sorry for me, it’s not my fault.”

People are not standing up and being responsible for their bad choices/behavior.

The MSM played that same excuse; “We must understand that that President Clinton is addicted and we must understand his problem, he’s very sorry for this; he can’t help it.”

I’m listening to these talking heads and I’m thinking “Horse hockey” the only thing he’s sorry about; is he got caught!

I’m saying that the word “addiction” is being use too much so people can justify their bad behavior. It’s not my fault!

I agree with you that the Devil is part of this, heck the Devil is in charge of the mission! The Devil uses porn for this and he’s winning the battle. This is one of the Devils tricks and lies and people need to be told like it is.

You’re messing up, STOP IT!

As it is said in the American Armed Forces; “The maximum effective range for an excuse is ZERO!”

Take responsibly for your actions.

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