Can you still practice being a christian or catholic if you are addicted to things like sex,cigarettes, gambling and are totally consumed by them?

A church-going Catholic will not be content with bad habits and addictions but rather very concerned about his or her addiction and wish it was not the case. The Church is a Church of saved sinners (a quote).Furthermore, the addiction or habit cannot be beaten in most cases without Christ’s help - the Sacraments are so vital for a person’s spiritual, mental and physical well-being. Battling sin is a journey in which God is very much needed.

I agree thank you, it just seems I can’t stop certain things even am really ough I’ve been doing all I can to follow Christ and the church.Does it mean we’re not doing enough spiritually if we’re still indulging in sins?

I can say that underneath my sins and addictions lies a bleeding broken heart, which has made me vulnerable to self harm.

They say time heals this but in the meantime as I wait to heal ,i am really destroying myself and having a hard time coping.

God bless.

Well there is a difference with addiction compared to other types of sin. There is a physiological component as well as psychological and spiritual. What it certainly is not is a matter of just not doing enough. It’s not just a matter of will or praying more or going to church more. If someone has an actual addiction it’s a good idea to get in touch with a support group of addicts who can help tremendously.

But as to your original question. Yes of course you can be a practicing member of the Church if you have an addiction. I’ll relay a famous story from the life of St Herman of Alaska. One time he invited a number of sailors who were visiting Alaska to come to his chapel and pray with him. The sailors responded that no, they shouldn’t come with him because they were great sinners. St Herman said, and I paraphrase “wonderful! That’s a qualification! You can’t be a member of the Church if you’re not a sinner.” God doesn’t require perfection thankfully and He knows your struggles better than you do. All you have to do is not give up and continue to repent. That’s a process we all have to go through.

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