Adding a Name to a Baptismal Certificate


My deceased father did not have a birth certificate. He was baptized with a name that he never used. All other Sacramental records feature the name he commonly used. For purposes of obtaining dual-citizenship, I will probably be getting a “one and the same” court order. Can I get a similar document from the Church and have his commonly used name added to his Baptismal Certificate?
His original church issued a new certificate that was not notarized properly and differed from the Baptismal Register. The Diocese would only issue a letter certifying the validity of the parish and registry.
Is there somewhere in Canon Law that I can find information on this problem?
Thanks!August 8, 2018 (Europe: Paris), August 7, 2018 (America: Los Angeles)


Your Diocese has published guidelines, ask the Chancery Office if your parish secretary does not know:


Thanks! Found the handbook for my Archdiocese. Very helpful. Hope I can at least get the spelling corrected. Do you know if they have to comply if it’s in the handbook?


That is a question for the Chancery Office.


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