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For the past several months, a habit developed in my parish that after the communion has ended and the choir doesn’t sing anymore, someone (usually the choir leader) starts the Anima Christi prayer and the congregation says it together. I have seen that happen in many other parishes around my country. The priest is during that time either purifying sacred vessels or sitting if he had already done it. He has not responded in any way, meaning he doesn’t pray with the congregation and he never expressed either agreement or disagreement with the initiative by the congregation. It occurred to me (and a parishioner protested that it is not appropriate) that perhaps the congregation starting the prayer on their own initiative is not the happiest way to do it, but it is a way for them to express gratitude and joy after communion, especially because our priest is pretty fast so he leaves almost no time between communion and the post communion prayer.

So the question is, is it appropriate that a member of the congregation starts a prayer out loud on his own initiative therefore intervening in the rubrics? And since it is a way to express gratitude after receiving communion because there is almost no silence (the choir sings), should the choir stop singing earlier to let some silence, or should we try to ask our priest to give us a few moments of silence and not to start with the post communion prayer immediately or that he starts the prayer?


That’s going to depend.

You’ll probably get a lot of answers from English-speaking countries like US, Canada, UK and Australia. None of which would apply—but that won’t stop people from posting them.

In the typical Roman Missal (typical meaning the universal version in Latin), that would not be allowed, but a time for silent prayer is required.

There might be a local adaptation for Croatia approved by Rome. (Might or might not).

Only someone familiar with the adaptations approved for Croatia would be able to correctly answer your question.


I’ve never heard anything like that before.


FrDavid96, yes, I plan to contact a local liturgy institute to get a clear answer, I am interested in other people’s opinions and experiences.


The priests in Ireland do this. They lead the congregation in this prayer after the purification of the vessels. .


You said that the prayer is usually started by the choir leader. That is not exactly like someone not involved in the Liturgy initiated it. I would assume that this was something that was approved or suggested by the pastor and/or bishop, especially since you have said that it occurs in many other parishes around your country. Is it possible that you could have missed the day when this new practice was explained? It is also possible that some people may have gotten permission to pray it aloud but others were not notified. Sometimes people do not consider that they may be interrupting the personal prayers of others by suddenly and without explanation or notification initiating a new practice. But The Anima Christi prayer is a suitable prayer to be prayed privately after receiving Holy Communion. It happens to be the one that I pray.


So which is it? The choir leader or some random parishioner? Is it done with the priest’s approval which seems to be the case? Anima Christi is an ideal post-communion hymn which has been done at papal Masses.

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