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I think I recall reading that no one, not a priest, bishop or anyone else can make additions to the mass (or omit things either). If that is correct, what should be done when a priest sings this after the elevation - “Praise, praise, praise be to Jesus now and ever more” then invites the congregation to repeat it. He does this after host is elevated and again after the cup (when I thought he was supposed to genuflect) for a total of 4 times. It just makes me uncomfortable. Is this permissible?


No, its not a permissible option. You could try writing a letter to the bishop’s office, but be sure to sign it with your name or else it might be ignored.


That’s not something from one of the Eucharistic Prayers for Masses with children, is it?

(If it is that just raises more issues but I’m wondering if that’s where it came from.)


Ironic…this priest is holding Obedience Himself…Our Lord Jesus Christ…in his hands and can’t be obedient to a simple but solemn Liturgical norm.

Romans 5:19
Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSV-CE)

19 For as by one man’s disobedience Adam] many were made sinners, so by one man’s obedience ** Jesus**] many will be made righteous.

I have seen some children’s Masses celebrated differently…but changes are only in the Liturgy of the Word…never in the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

As Father mentioned…the bishop can be notified…I first would simply go to this priest and tell him directly that you are uncomfortable with something he is doing in Mass…and then be quiet…and let him pick it up from there…what he says and how he says it will give you the answer as to whether or not you need to go to the Bishop. If you do go to the Bishop…I encourage you to send a CC: of your letter to the priest…and note CC: to priest on bottom of your letter to the Bishop.

IMHO, you are trying to give this good priest the benefit of doubt…but also need to discuss it…then let him dictate your next move…he will fix it or “send you to the Bishop”. You have a justifiable right in charity to not let this abuse stand…even if it’s not irreverent, it’s still not acceptable.

Pax Christi


You are correct that a priest may not change the Mass. However, I pray that you can approach him with love and understanding. We once had a priest who used sing “Jesus, Name above all names, beautiful Saviour, Glorious Lord, Emanuel, God is with us. Blessed Redeemer, Living Word.” while elevating the consecrated Host. Although he shouldn’t have done so, I felt certain he did it out of an overflowing heart in love with his Savior. He was very reverent (one of the most reverant and orthodox priests I have known). I pray that this is the reason your priest did what he did rather than doing it out of a “I’ll do things my way” mentality. All our priests need so much prayer and sacrifice on their behalf.


Please take it up directly with the priest before running to the Bishop. If the priest does not acknowledge his error, or refuses to correct his actions, then go to theBishop.


If he only sang it once, or sang it only by himself, I might think it is his way of praising God, but to sing it once, then ask the congregation to repeat it before continuing with the consecration is just wrong in my opinion. After all, at that moment he is acting in persona Christi, correct? Switching over to singing something that is NOT in the Eucharistic prayers is akin to putting himself before his office (IMHO).


before writing to the Bishop, take time to ask your priest why he did what he did.


I am always somewhat amazed when people immediately say to write the Bishop.:confused:

I would think that the Bishop probably has a lot of things on his mind, if he is like most Bishops these days. While the addition of a word of phrase occasionally may throw us for a loop now and then I don’t think running to the Bishop is the answer. I would merely ask the Priest something like,hey,Ii never heard it worded that way before. is that a new translation or addition that we just haven’t been told about yet/

that might be the best path in most cases.

Now if it is something substantial like an invalid baptismal formula ie: I baptize you in the name of the creator, the sanctifier and the redemer, or an invalid consecration ie: this bread and wine have become one savior or this common offering will become our spiritual meal or something else along those lines, which I have heard in the past,:eek: then that is another story completely.

Good luck.:thumbsup:


Well, in my (otherwise?) very orthodox parish, where I have no doubt about the reverence and fidelity of any of the priests, we have this little “deviance” at the Christmas midnight Mass:
After the consecration the priest intones “Come let us adore Him” as from the Christmas carol Venite Adoremus, and we all join in.

As a one-off thing, appropriate to the season, even if not in the rubrics, I can’t say it has ever bothered me!

But if this were to happen all the time, it would be a different matter.


Here’s the order I would take it (and this applies to any issue someone might have with a perceived liturgical abuse):

  1. Talk to someone else who was there. Perhaps your mind was wandering a bit, and you misheard what was said. Plus, once you get into the next steps, it’s always good to have a second person who shares your concern and can vouch on your behalf. If you did, in fact, hear him correctly…

  2. …Speak directly to the priest…charitably, of course. Ask him about that part of the Mass and why he chose to do it. Tell him your thoughts about it not being a part of the rubrics and see what he says. If that fails…

  3. …Write or call your bishop. Explain the situation, and as was mentioned before, be sure to CC: the priest in the communication if possible. If the bishop doesn’t care or won’t do anything, then for a last resort…

  4. …Write to the Vatican explaining your concern. I seriously doubt anything would come of this because they probably get thousands of messages daily, but at least you will know you did everything you could. If you get no response and feel despair…

  5. …Look for another parish where the rubrics are followed and you can be sure of a reverent Mass. Personally I’d recommend an EF parish, but that’s just me. :smiley:


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