Additional prayers in the mass?

At the church I attend, the priest leads the congregation in a prayer to St. Michael the archangel immediately after the opening procession. Just before the closing procession (recession?) he leads the congregation in praying one Hail Mary.

My questions are:

-Are the entering and exiting processions part of the mass? Please correct me if I’m not referring to these events by their proper names.

-Is the practice of adding prayers to the mass a big deal?

-Would it be innapropriate to “bookend” the mass with additional prayers? (i.e. before and after all parts of the mass proper)

The OF ends with “Ite missa est” or vernacular equivalent. The recessional hymn is NOT part of the Mass itself.

The prayer to St. Michael, while it is indeed a noble one, should be moved until after Mass has ended. As it is not part of the Mass, it shouldn’t be tacked on to it. When Pope Leo XIII wrote the prayer, he strongly recommended that it be recited after the Mass.

Here in Spain, I’ve heard some old priests praying softly in latin while in itinere to and from the altar. And I’m talking about masses following Paul VI’s ritual.

He might be saying the entrance antiphon to himself. My PV says the “inaudible” prayers (purifying his hands) in Latin, but, since I sit up front during daily Mass, I can hear him.

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