Additions to the Eucharistic Prayer for Moms


I am sorry for your pain.


Nothing the priest did would invalidate the Mass. I think the only thing that can is not using the correct words for the consecration.


I’m sorry. I know you were trying to avoid the Mother’s Day stuff. What happened to going to the Spanish Mass?

NO, nothing is supposed to be added to the Eucharistic Prayer!!!


I was going to go but the Spanish Mass was early Sunday morning so I thought I'd go Sat night and then I could sleep in...I'm glad I went Sat but I should have went to the Spanish Mass as it was rough---I feel OK now.


OK, I’m glad you feel better now. Spanish Mass will probably be better for next year.


How would going to Spanish Mass avoid the Mother’s Day stuff?

Latinos in the United States observe the same Mother’s Day as all other Americans do–second Sunday of May. We do not observe the Mexican Mother’s Day (May 10).

I’m pretty sure that if I go to one of the Spanish Masses at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle tomorrow, there will be Mother’s Day tributes.

Please get your facts correct before making such statements.


My daughter and her husband were not able to concierge so mother’s day was hard for her also, but for different reasons. I’m sorry this was hard for you.



From an earlier thread:


I feel like a heel. But then again, I didn’t know.


[quote="PacoG, post:11, topic:284212"]
I feel like a heel. But then again, I didn't know.


Please just ask me what I meant next time.


My apologies. I know better than to shoot from the hip.


It’s ok. :slight_smile:


Because I don’t understand a word of Spanish so that way I won’t understand what they are talking about. I was going to go to see what a Spanish mass was like and to avoid understanding all the mother’s day hype. I do have my facts straight.


He was talking to me, it’s ok.


No problem, I feel bad that someone would think we see a Spanish Mass as something “less than” in honoring Moms. I am all for honoring Moms…I just thought if it was in a language I didn’t understand I wouldn’t know it was going on and could meet my Sunday obligation, experience a Spanish Mass, and not hurt so much. In retrospect, I should have done that.

We have a parish that has Spanish Mass and everyone says its beautiful. My apologies for any misunderstandings in my intentions.



As we discussed in your other thread I’m going to the Spanish Mass. As promised, I will pray for you. I went to Mass Friday and don’t you know the homily was about Mothers and Mother’s Day. I cried silently through the homily. Fr knew I was crying. He’d look at me and he’d smile.


I went out to breakfast and every woman was told, “Happy Mother’s Day” and one younger woman looked rather sad and said, “but I’m not a mother” and I felt sorry for her. She really had a sad look on her face.


It isn’t some insidious plan. It happens on Father’s Day and much to my delight, around Christmas.

I was wished a Happy Mother’s day many times yesterday. Now, I am a mother BUT just last year, I lost my mom. Mother’s day isn’t a real happy day for me, the anniversary of my mom’s death too close. :shrug: But I know people aren’t trying to be hurtful, they are trying to be kind.


[quote="Irishgal49, post:19, topic:284212"]
I went out to breakfast and every woman was told, "Happy Mother's Day" and one younger woman looked rather sad and said, "but I'm not a mother" and I felt sorry for her. She really had a sad look on her face.


Why would they even do that? Don't they know not every woman is a mom?


I would have been an emotional wreck too if my pastor had been messing with the most sacred prayer he could ever utter with his mortal lips.


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