Addressing homophobics

So my friend was expressing his homophobia and i told him “How can you call youself a Christian yet hate people.” Was this a just a true and good thing to say?

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What do you mean by homophobia?


It isn’t a bad thing to say if your friend is out of line. But I think more context is needed, because it is possible he was being rude but some people are blind to this stuff.

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That was an excellent question to ask.

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I think you are using the term “homophobia” incorrectly.


I’ve never met anyone afraid of gays. I’ve met few people who hate them.

The majority of people you would probably label homophobic probably just find the LGBT activism off putting, believe in Gods order of nature, and the churches definition of marriage, but otherwise harbor no ill will to individuals unfortunate enough to struggle with same sex attraction and wish them the best in fighting their temptation.


OP, I’ve noticed you never really respond to threads you start. Is there a reason you ask questions like this then just go radio silent?


I have, and their fear lead to hate.


Weird. Not sure what there is to fear from them.


Did they actually fear them or are you accusing them of fearing them because you disagree with their right stance that homosexual acts, including civil unions and gay marriages, are sinful and should be opposed, avoided, and taught against?

Because everyone I’ve met that has been accused of homophobia have good friends that are gay and have no issue with the people themselves, but absolutely denounce their lifestyle.


What did he say, word for word?

“Homophobia” is a word without meaning today.

When I was a kid, a homophobe was a tough guy who went around beating up gay men.

Nowadays a homophobe is somebody who doesn’t approve of gay sex.


I wonder if the OP doesn’t realize it’s possible to participate with reply posts on their own threads?

They’ve just created a brand new thread that seems to probably answer a question people have asked here (sounds like the friend quoted Leviticus).

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About stoning and also said that they should not have rights which isn’t exactly good.


Exactly. Same with “transphobia”. According to Planned Parenthood’s “definition” of transphobia anyone who denies a man can be a woman or a woman can be a man is a transphobe. They are just words meant to label people in order to vilify and outcast them.


If their friend actually said that SSA people should be stoned or have no rights, that would be horrible.

All clues thus far point in a different direction, that I’ve seen.

Eg the OP says in his next thread:

“I was getting into a debate with a close friend who does not approve of homosexuality…”

Sort of implies the OP may “approve”. Therefore fundamentally disagreeing with the Church’s teachings on sexual morality, at root. And may be strawmanning his ‘friend’ by vaguely implying his friend might want SSA people to be stoned or denied rights, when his friend might have said no such thing but may only, for example, have pointed to Leviticus as one among many examples of where the Bible indicates we ought not to “approve” of certain acts.

It’s generally a clue when someone starts by claiming someone is a “homophobic” who “hates”. It’s possible his friend has said something genuinely hateful (in which case, that would be wrong); but until he quotes what his friend actually said, other context clues seem to suggest the root of the disagreement is over whether to approve/disapprove of certain acts, not over whether to hate/love certain people.


It was high school so a VERY VERY long time ago, and it was a combination of fear and hate, based on how they talk and acted about and around people who were gay… but since I cant remeber their religious states they might not apply to this thread, except to say fear can lead to hate…so I guess I should take back my comment.

Just like the word homosexual

No it isn’t.

I don’t know if civil unions are sinful. I suspect that 2 people of the same sex could live together and not engage in any sexual acts. I lived with 3 college roommates for several years and nothing sexual ever came up.

My foster daughter married a man 60 years her senior so he could protect her when having epileptic fits. This seems a good reason to enter into a civil union. In this way he became next of kin.

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