Administration to high court: Don't exempt Catholic groups from contraception mandate


"The Obama administration on Friday asked the Supreme Court not to exempt Catholic groups from an ObamaCare requirement to offer contraceptive coverage, after the high court gave them a temporary reprieve earlier this week.

Well, isn’t that special…:rolleyes::cool:




Yes they do, for many generations to come we will pay for the last two.


Its too bad that the democratic Catholics will not make a stand as well. I believe that they never will because their own personal interests are more important to them than the lives of the millions of the most innocent.


I’ve said it before, but one other thing about these kinds of stories is that the headlines and calling it a “contraception mandate” is an incomplete picture of the abortifacients and sterilizations mandated also.


Even if unintended, those who voted for this president and nearly any democrat has been a material collaborator in great evil. It matters not a whit that those who have, in the past, voted for republicans were material collaborators in the evils perpetrated by those governments ruled by the republicans. Those who voted them in to power will be judged accordingly.

The fact is that today, significantly more, and significantly deeper evil is being perpetrated by the democrats in control of this nation empowered by wrong-headed persons who voted these people into office, nearly all of them democrats. I would like to think that Judge S is beginning to realize how off-the-mark her fellow democrats have become. But chances are, her actions were driven by some political or legalistic motive.

Sadly, too many have been taught that all that matters in determining whether an action is sinful or not is one’s intentions. This is seriously wrong, relativistic, subjectivist thinking. Pope BXVI warned us against that time and again. But I can understand why this way of seeing reality is welcomed by those who wish to assuage their conscience who voted these evil men and women into power… while we all watch our society collapsing around us.


Regarding your comment on whether an action is sinful or not…I partially disagree with a small part of this. I believe that it is not how they been taught in these matters, but they do so for selfish reasons.


What I wish is that people would stop clumping everyone who is a democrat into one pile of “those who don’t care.” It simply is not true. I am a Democrat but I do not support abortion and follow the Churches teachings. If I changed my political affiliation it certainly would not be to become a Republican. I am not entirely impressed with either party to be frank.

I do think it is a Christian’s responsibility to live their faith. There are plenty of laws out there that I don’t agree with, but I still find it possible to comply with my beliefs. For example: At one of my jobs I was asked to teach a disabled man how to get escort services because “he had a right to be sexually active.” (A long story.) I refused. I also refused to have my staff do this. I had to quit as a result and I knew that was going to be the result.

We may never have all the laws we like or believe in, but we will always have the choice of maintaining our morals and living our faith. It will cost us, but it can be done.


So many call it simply a law and do not call it what it is, killing the most innocent of human beings. I disagree with some things in the republican party and voice that opinion. Example;

Do you see much dissent from democratic Catholics reported? Rare if ever. I can’t help but think to hide behind calling abortion a “law” (not just you but almost all democrat Catholics) and the lack of an organized/news covered attempt to change their party does mean exactly what I said, they care more about themselves than this mass killing.


Hopefully the Supreme Court won’t listen, though I doubt it. Most of them are kissing his boots already anyways…


is there any doubt Obama has a “Catholic problem”?
Or any doubt he has a fascination w/ abortion?


There is hope. After all, the administration is responding to the actions of a liberal supreme court justice who happens to be Catholic. I see Sotomayor’s actions as a positive indication of what will happen when these cases are heard by the entire court.




Justice Sotomeyer denied Hobby Lobby an injunction which is why I am not sure she can be counted on when it comes to religious liberty for all in regards to the mandate but it still a good thing that as an appointee judge by Barack Obama, she went against the administration to give Little Sisters of the Poor an injunction.


Quite. It is very amazing to me that he directly instructed the Supreme Court to destroy religious liberty. This man gets worse and worse every day his rule continues.


Yes, but they got one anyway. Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor don’t have identical cases and certainly don’t have the same lawyers. There was obviously something different between the two cases that caused her to give different rulings.

That said, I really don’t know how the overall cases will play out in the Supreme Court. Each member of the court who is Catholic has had a completely different upbringing, I’m sure has different levels of faith development and understanding of how their faith should impact their decisions in life and on the court. Like us all, I am sure they each struggle and none of them are perfect Catholics.


Politicians always argue for religious freedom, but this definitely a infringement on religious liberty. The Church always goes through ridicule, and hopefully will survive Obama’s goal to break down our Faith for his own selfish political gain. The next step up would be forcing a woman to consume a birth-control pill. It’s obvious that he is not trying to look out for the interests of his people, but of himself. And apparently, destroying our Faith is part of his plan to turn America into a society he envisions.


Catholics should still be against the government requiring Catholics to provide abortificants/contraceptives, even if they are democrats and support the ACA. That is why Catholics who are Democrats should speak out against the contraceptive mandate, but they don’t, even though it infringes upon the rights and beliefs of people within their own faith.


The problem is that too many people (Dems and Republicans) put their party (or political beliefs) before their religion.


I don’t see what it accomplishes for the administration to not exempt Catholic groups/ institutions from this!? Other than Obama simply hates the Church and wishes to destroy it. Now who’s not being “tolerant”?? :mad:


Perhaps, but until democrat Catholics stop excusing their party for the blatant disregard of the most innocent, this mass slaughter will never stop. The sad thing is that this mass killing has become acceptable by many Catholics.

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