Administration to use private prisons to detain illegals immigrants


USA Today trying to make an anti-Trump story out of it…who would’a thought. Turns out the prior administration used them as well.

One potential point of concern is they plan to build new ones nearer the border. The way these contracts read is the government must guarantee a certain census level or pay for that level anyway. The administration is planning to hold detainees instead of releasing them right back. I’m sure this will have an enormous deterrent effect, which could leave plenty of empty cells.

The pressure to fill these, as happens in other localities, could have very real civil rights implications. I believe one of the reasons we have one of the highest incarceration rates is the pressure for governments to keep the prison census above the contracted levels.


The cost of holding detainees is a big reason why many cities became sanctuary cities. They were stuck with the bill of holding people indefinitely, waiting for ICE to come and pick them up, costs are >$150/day. I think this strategy was intentional under Obama.

Trump will need to make collection a priority, which means the feds need more holding facilities while working through deportation procedures.


Forget about computer generated graphics - we now have computer generated news, where fantasy seems almost like reality.

A check of these “immigrants” will show that a certain percentage have criminal records of domestic violence and/or drug distribution. In particular, certain Mexican and other Latin American families are heavily involved in drug importation and distribution. Once caught, a member will not turn on their families. Those “innocent” family members (actually un-indicted co-conspirators) whose children are thrust before the TV cameras, are among those slated for deportation. Unfair? Unjust?

To the children. By their own families.


More money for the top earners.


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