Admitting gay seminarians to a school full of men?


An environment where all men are around and sleep in dorms together for 7-9 years… seminaries should be careful…
then in priesthood all men living in a rectory


Beware the gays…

But seriously, why so afraid of gay guys? You realize most sexual assault is straight guys right? Even in the priesthood.


It’s because I had a seminarian tell me that gay Seminarians have sex at seminary with each other sometimes


Yes of course they do. Why is it so hard for us to acknowledge the sexual frustrations of celibate men?


The vast majority involved in these scandals have been priests with older boys, the latest Bishop McCarrick and other bishops in the past sleeping with seminarians and young priests… male on male is homosexual. Facts are facts, why would you ask someone why he’s afraid of gays for stating his concerns in relation to these facts?


Maybe because being a gay seminarian does not equal being an unchaste seminarian?


However, I was talking about Bishop McCarrick’s sexual abuse of seminarians and young priests who were involved in the scandals, I wasn’t talking about gay seminarians. This is what was in the Testimony of Archbishop Vigano.


I think the point that OP is making, which is a good on in my opinion, is that gay seminarians are housed with the same other men for an extended period of time. There’s just a temptation there that simply isn’t there for heterosexuals. I don’t necessarily agree with OP that that means we shouldn’t accept them into seminary but it does present a tricky situation. We wouldn’t house a straight priest in a convent…


Exactly right. There are some men who are called to be celibate and they will make fine priests, monks, etc. But very men fall into that category. The Church will continue to attract disordered men until it allows married priests (heterosexual marriage of course).


Well, actually, we do. The chaplain.

Otherwise your point is spot on, it’s about eliminating occasions of sin.


Because straight married men are never disordered and never commit sin…


In the three convents I am aware of the chaplain lives in a separate house or apartment detached from the convent.


In the seminaries I have visited the rooms all have private showers and bathrooms. Not so with college dorms.


Ideally, seminarians are a place where someone’s soul can be protected and they can grow in holiness. So yes, that situation is a problem.


Two things.

  1. The Eastern rites have married priests already.
  2. Denominations with married clergy do not have lower rates of sex abuse.


I have known a few priests who I’m pretty sure were gay (very camp anyway). One who openly admitted being gay.

I don’t know why we should feel differently about celibate gay priests than the way we feel about celibate straight priests.

But I do understand what the OP is saying here, that it is not safe to have gay seminarians in the same seminary together. But if they are committed to a celibate life, I don’t see why it would be a problem. Or perhaps the suggestion is that gay seminarians would assault other seminarians. Again, I don’t see why anyone - gay or straight - who felt he had a vocation would want to do this.


There is already a prohibition against deep-seated homosexuals entering seminary. It was instituted after the John Jay report came out.


Denominations that have married clergy also attract disordered men. The key is to screen them out. Marriage also attracts a few disordered men.

The Church needs to affirm strong masculine men as priests. The old image of a pastor was someone who will fight to protect his sheep. The recent image is a kind of social worker who wants the sheep to have good self esteem, maybe break down their needless fears about wolves, lonely creatures so often misunderstood.


Perhaps you feel straight men never sin. I certainly said no such thing. If you are comfortable with many priests being active homosexuals then so be it - I feel differently.


In the monastery (of women) I’m familiar with, the chaplain lives in a small apartment in the monastery building itself, but outside the papal enclosure. There are, however, two external nuns who live outside the enclosure as well, who are responsible for running errands, etc.

However they and the chaplain, are, shall we say of venerable age and likely well past any shenanigans!

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