Adolescents and same sex attraction Part 2


Here’s the deal: God loves us no matter what; even when we sin. So experiencing SSA doesn’t mean God loves you less; neither does adopting a homosexual identity and lifestyle. Remember that God is our Father, and like our regular fathers, God wants the best for us. And unlike our physical fathers, God always knows what actually is best for us, and he’s written this on our hearts. We need to be attentive and listen to what He is saying. He loves us, He wants us to be healthy & happy; but most of all He wants us to be Holy: and that involves spiritual purity. Experiencing SSA is not a definite obstacle to holiness, but acting on it - just like acting on other sexual temptations - is an obstacle to holiness. This is especially true when the “gay identity” is contrived and fabricated by a young person confused after experiencing SSA.

It may help people to check out the Courage Youth group at Yahoo.

A Catholic chastity support system for youth experiencing homosexual attractions and feelings. We encourage young people going through the challenge of homosexual attractions to see themselves as beloved children of God, capable of a life of chastity, joy, holiness, and personal growth.

Personally, I believe that among the many reasons for the “rise” of homosexuality lay the modern deconstruction and amalgamation of masculinity & feminity as well as the crisis of fatherhood we’re experiencing. We need to offer real support to each other: we need to be real examples of holy men and women; of our vocations; of chastity; and of love.


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