Adopted Children Reject Gay Adoption as "Marriage" Legislation Advances in Argentina

Adopted Children Reject Gay Adoption as “Marriage” Legislation Advances in Argentina


By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

BUENOS AIRES, June 9, 2010 ( - As homosexual “marriage” legislation is being debated in the Argentinean senate, a group of adopted children is speaking out against adoption by gay couples, according to ACI Prensa.

Speaking on Radio Cultura, a station in Buenos Aires, the teens said that children should have the same opportunity as they have had to grow up with a father and a mother.

“No to homosexual adoption. We children want to grow up in a family that consists of a mother who is a woman and a father who is a man, which is the natural way, not with a homosexual couple,” the teens told the show’s interviewer on Sunday.

“We are happy with our mothers and fathers and we want all children to have the opportunity to have them.”

Argentina’s gay “marriage” legislation legislation has already passed the Chamber of Deputies, the lower legislative house, and is now in committee in the senate.

Argentinean law currently follows the dictionary definition of matrimony, permitting only a man and a woman to marry each other. However, homosexual activists are pressuring the government on the issue by obtaining permission to “marry” through local judges, whose interpretations of the law and constitution have been repeatedly rejected by the national courts.

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