Adoption rally held at AL Capitol following rep's controversial remarks

Angry parents rallied at the Alabama Capitol Wednesday in response to comments by State Rep. Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery) about white families adopting black children. The rally comes on the heels of Rep. Holmes’ controversial comments last month about trans-racial adoptions.

“I will bring you 100,000 cash dollars tomorrow if you show me a whole bunch of whites that adopted blacks in Alabama,” Holmes said, while debating on an abortion bill.

At Wednesday’s rally, Beverly Owings took to the podium saying, “When my 13-year-old daughter heard the words of Alvin Holmes, she said mom what about our family?”

God Bless those parents.:thumbsup:

Quote from the article - “Attempts to reach out to Rep. Holmes were unsuccessful. He did not return calls. When asked last week about the comments, he said then that he stood behind his original comments.”

I think it is sad that he stands behind his previous comments. I wish he would have said you know, I talked without thinking, or I misspoke, or upon further reflection I take back what I said. That is what disturbs me most - that he meant it and still does. I don’t care how trite it sounds, I pray for an end to racism in America. My husband & I adopted a child that is not the same race as we are and I’m shocked that this type of drivel is coming from the mouth of a US Representative. What does it matter what race the adoptees or adoptive parents are? I pray Rep. Holmes stops perpetuating this country’s race issues.

God Bless

It’s not terribly uncommon. I know three sets of white parents who adopted black children. Given the prevalence of abortion among all races, it’s a wonder they got that done.

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