My wife and I have a child and have always considered adoption. Does anyone know of any good Catholic/Christian agencies? Some friends used Christian World Adoption agency and are pleased. Anyone heard of or used them?

Thanks and God bless,

My fiance’s adoption was handled through Catholic Charities. According to his adoptive mother, the whole process was very smooth, and they had high standards, and definitely put the welfare of the child over anything else.

You asked about a Catholic adoption agency. I visited one in the Los Angeles area and was unimpressed. There was nothing about how the agency handled the placement of children that distinguished them as Catholic. After the passage of several years, and a lot of frustration, I attended a seminar by the Department of Children and Family Services in Los Angeles County (“DCFS”). The DCFS has a large number of children who are in need of adoptive parents and the agency was actively recruiting couples who were interested in providing a home to needy children. My wife and I signed up for their program, went through their training, and about 14 months later were placed with a beautiful baby boy who we adopted. You may want to consider this option. There will likely be challenges. I did not always agree with the policies of the DCFS and the children who are in need of adoptive parents frequently have physical and/or emotional issues. They may be of a different ethnicity from you and/or your wife and with some couples this may be an issue. However, I believe that if you are open to providing a home to such a child, the spirit of God will be with you and will help you over come the challenges. It worked out wonderfully for me and my wife. The best thing that ever happened to us. My little boy was baptised and attends mass with me every Sunday. Pray about it.

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