Adoration and the Host/Eucharist


This may seem like a really odd question but its something that just popped in my head recently so I figured someone would have the answer out there…

What eventually happens to the “bread” used for adoration, especially during perpetual adoration? Since it still has the accidents of the host/physical bread, for example can it eventually wind up going stale? I’d imagine eventually it has to be consumed, right? I have attended or participated in many benedictions and adorations of the Blessed Sacrament throughout my life and have never thought of this until now. Like I said very strange question.


Not a strange question at all. The accidents can indeed go stale (apart from a miracle, which happens on very rare occasions). Out of respect it is supposed to be consumed before this happens. I’ve heard they can last for weeks, but don’t know if there’s a specific time limit required by Church law.


At my previous parish, they had a scheduled time to change the Host out. It happened every week.

At my current parish we have scheduled times for Adoration. So, for each time of Adoration, there is a fresh Host.


There is no limit in regard to Canon Law, but according to pastoral concerns, it should be somewhere around two weeks.


Going stale or getting moldy is called corruption.

A new host is consecrated periodically and the old one consumed. Some do it every two weeks. Some do it every three months. It is up to the pastor.

Our sacristan puts out extra hosts and a luna for the monstrance every month on the morning of First Friday devotions. Father consumes the old host in the luna which is kept in the tabernacle and puts the new one in the luna, and changes out the host from the adoration chapel after Mass.



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