Adoration Chapel? Silent prayer, or?


We are recently returned to the Church, and have a wonderful parish.

We like to say the Rosary before Mass Sunday, and prefer to do it in the Church building. However, it’s a Lifeteen Mass (which we enjoy), but it’s loud before Mass, with musicians warming up (drums, guitar, etc). We tried the ‘cry room’, but people enter and exit through it. So, we went early and went to the Adoration Chapel.

This was our first time ever in an Adoration Chapel; two other people were there praying separately. Shortly after we arrived and we were partway through the Rosary, a few others entered, and then a large family with young children arrived and went to the front ‘pew’. They proceeded to pray and chant VERY loudly; I am not sure which prayer it was, but it wasn’t the Rosary. It was very hard to pray the Rosary with very loud mumbling in a small room.

My question is: Is it usual for people to pray loudly and disturb others? Or is it usually silent prayer unless it’s announced ahead of time? It wasn’t their ‘assigned’ hour; just curious.
I’m thrilled that a family was there praying together; we saw them shortly thereafter in Mass. However, it felt disrespectful to those there praying silently. Should I have to pray in our car, say our Rosary in the car, in order to concentrate? We might as well say it at home (which we do), but find it makes our prayer and Mass more meaningful to say it before Mass begins in the physical presence of our Lord and the Crucifix, statues, stained glass, etc.



Sacred silence should be observed in the church when in the presence of the reserved Blessed Sacrament, and even more so in the Adoration Chapel in the presence of the exposed Lord.

That being said, prayer in the church before the Blessed Sacrament is permitted when it is approved and performed as a group.

The pastor should be informed that the LifeTeen group is acting disruptively. You should seek permission to say the rosary before or after Mass and therefore gain legitimacy as a parish ministry. If the pastor would rather have the noise of musical instruments than solemn prayer, I don’t know what to tell you.

The group in the Adoration Chapel was wrong to be praying aloud, unless they had approval. There are services of the Word that can be held before the exposed Blessed Sacrament, but these are typically scheduled, announced, and led by a deacon or lay minister. At all other times, silence must be observed out of respect for the Lord and respect for the other adorers.


Fabulous reply; I agree with the above post.

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