Adoration--GO if you can!


For those of you whose parishes have Adoration, GO! You will not believe the Peace and blessings you get. At first you may not feel like anything is happening or that the hour is LONG! But I guarantee you if you continue to go you will develop a close personal relationship with Our Lord.

He waits for you and me and I can only imagine how very happy He is when we spend even a small amount of time with Him.

Try it—it’s something you will want to continue.


Cajun, how long did you go before you began to develop that closer relationship with Our Lord?

How often did you go? Every day? A few times a week? An hour at a time?


Now I have to give a few details:

Our Lord is not exposed, He is in the Tabernacle. HE’S THERE Regardless! I am a Sacristan and have a key so truly I can go ANY time I want to. But our Church has all day Adoration on Tuesdays so I go for 1 hour in the afternoon. I have gone at other times too. We have a sign in sheet by the hour for that day s Father knows that the hours were filled and our Lord was not alone. If hours are skipped Father will ask others at Mass to go and fill in the hours.

When I first went it was like, (SADLY ON MY PART), is my hour done yet. I just felt like I was “putting in time”. But then it occurred to me that He was waiting for me. I didn’t have to read books or prayers or anything but just sit with Him and “talk” with Him. I learned to always THANK HIM first. I mean really anything I have, am or love is because of Him. Then comes the petitions for all the people I know & love who have needs. Some times I’ve sat there without words and cried and just said I don’t know what to say or do. I really learned from others just to talk to Him as if I was talking to my best friend. SURE He already knows everything in my life but He wants to hear it from ME PERSONALLY—the good, the bad, the ugly. Lots of time I am just overwhelmed with His love and all of the blessings He’s given me. I just sit there and try in every way possible to say THANK YOU! Of course it is inadequate compared to His generosity but I still try.

It’s not audible voices or seeing or hearing things. Nothing Earth shattering. I just KNOW He’s there with me, He loves me, He made me and He has all of the answers. I just want to grow as close to Him as I can. I want to be in a relationship with Him to where HE is on my mind ALWAYS each and every moment. He’s my Father, My Creator, My Lord.

As you spend more time with Him it just comes to you what He wants and what you need.
Now I did start out following a book I grew up with. I used this one for a LONG time. If I prayed this entire book it fell right at 1 hour and was perfect for me to keep focused:

Now I say the Rosary for Priests from this book:
"Manual on Eucharist Adoration"
Author: Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration

Our Church supplies this book and others for people to use if they wish:


What Cajun says is true. Start with 10 minutes. Next time stay 15 minutes. Then half an hour. Build up to an hour. The time passes quickly. Bear in mind it takes some time to adjust to being still and silent especially in our noisy world. Eucharistic Adoration is simply wonderful beyond words. The secret of the Saints is adoration.


Even if there are others there the peace is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing. The quiet and serenity is wonderful and such a blessing.


The Visits to the Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady is a good book by Saint Alphonsus Ligiouri is amazing. I haven’t been in a few days because we went on a trip and mom wouldn’t let me go.


Your post is so edifying, Cajun. Thank you. For a long time now I have felt the nudge to do what you are doing but have paid no attention to it. We have an Adoration Chapel that is accessible 24/7.

I have one of the three (the first one) books that you posted. The last time I dropped in to make a visit, there was a young lady there with the book An Hour With Jesus. I’m going to get that one and the book in the middle.

May I ask you Cajun to pray for me at adoration?


For years my wife and myself were the scheduled adorers at the local Adoration Chapel. Then, it was just myself.

It eventually closed because there were not enough volunteers.

I really miss that hour, but the chapel is no more, so it won’t be coming back.



I just got back from an hour and 1/2 because (good thing I go early sometimes) the person for the hour before me wasn’t there. I always pray for all of you here.


stpiosson, thank you.

I don’t mind the silence. In fact, I thrive on silence, but the sitting still and not knowing what to do or say, or just feeling like I should be saying something instead of just being still and letting God be God.

I will follow your advice. If adoration is the secret of the Saints, we can’t go wrong, can we? :angel:


If you are just getting started, an hour may be too much for you. There are a lot of people who are not used to sitting alone with their thoughts.

Asking God to join you is a good way to begin. Just having a conversation with God is a good way to get started. Tell him about your life, things that are important to you, your challenges, your victories, things that you are thankful for, and things you would like to improve about yourself.

You can bring some good spiritual reading with you and ask God and the Holy Spirit to help you to understand the material so you can put it to use for God’s Greater Glory. Praying the rosary and divine mercy chaplet are good as well.

Clear your mind, and always ask God if he has a message for you. Just sit and listen.

Take some time to bask in God’s love for you. Invite the Holy Spirit into your heart. and feel the warmth and love.

Use the above tools to get started. Pretty soon you may start to plan your day around your adoration.

God loves you and loves when you carve time out to spend with Him.


How do I know it is Him talking to me and not my own thoughts?


I’ve heard many Priests say that they start each and every day by spending an hour with Our Lord. They say that doing so helps them to do His will.


Isn’t there another one you can go to?

It is a shame that an adoration chapel has to close because of lack of volunteers.


I carry that book with me in my purse.


Not nearby.

My parish has a holy hour on Friday evenings, but I have a scheduling conflict with it.

Plus, the older I get, the less I want to go out at night.



You may want to pray for it to come back briefly each day. As you know prayer is powerful.

We have a 24/7 adoration chapel at my parish, and I wonder what will happen as the three ladies who have been running it for 20 years get older. They still find young people like me to pick up hours. Running it is something else entirely.

I hope it never closes, because it helps many people grow closer to God.


lol. I say young. I am in my late 40’s.


The building the chapel was in. has been sold.

At least I live in a quiet area at a lake. I have no problem having quiet prayer time morning and evening.



I’m older too. I know very well what you mean.

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