Adoration--GO if you can!


Thank you for starting this topic, Cajun. It really is just what I needed.


The more that you do it, the easier it will become.

Remember, with God, He will never ask you to do something that will harm you. He also rarely asks you to do something that is completely selfish. There is something about it that feels right.

With me, He typically “opens doors” that I recognize I am supposed to walk through. I think with everyone, it is a little different. I have never had a dark night of the soul or anything like that. I can’t really put it in words, but I know when it is happening.

Ask people who have a close personal relationship with God. Mine is really only a few years old. There are a lot of people with more experience who can explain it far better than I. It might be a good question to make a post about.


I know it isn’t the same thing, but I have a picture or a monstrance and a monstrance pin. Often, I acknowledge them and pray before them. It might be good to take one to the lake with you. It isn’t the real thing, but I know it helps me focus on what is really important.

I do some of my best prayer waterside. There is something about the water that brings me closer to God. I need to find a lake like you have.


Or like our Pastor says he does when he prays, hold a Crucifix and just look at it and meditate on his suffering and Passion.


I turn to God dwelling within using Contemplative Prayer.



I think I will make a topic with that question. Should I put it in this section?


If it isn’t the right section, you won’t have to worry. Someone will point it out. :wink:


Let’s give it the old college try and see what happens.


I am going to second or third or fourth the value of Eucharistic Adoration. I absolutely value my time with Our Lord. The benefits, as others have mentioned, are enormous. I have been going for perhaps 15 years now, once or twice per week, and each time I go there is better than the time before.

In the few times I am out of town and can’t make it, or the three occasions (in 15 years) that illness prevented me from going, it was a disappointment.

I agree GO if you can.



I don’t have a set time in going to Adoration, but when I was still in between jobs, I had time to go to the Adoration chapel frequently.

It’s a blessing, and glad to have done that. Definitely a good use of time.

Over the years, I noticed a change in myself, which I attribute to going to Adoration and daily Mass. A change as in an improvement.

I still commit sin, still get frustrated when people flake out on me, still get angry or lonely or some other negative emotion, or when others have a negative emotion, I also get affected by it.

But i notice that in general, it’s less. I am more calm, more peaceful.

That’s why I really encourage Adoration to everyone, if you can visit as often as you could.


I just went but I don’t think I did it right.


why don’t you think you did it right?


I am still new to mental prayer and I think I was focusing too much on a special favor I wanted.


Our Lord told St Anthony Mary Claret that He really likes us to make audacious requests of Him in Adoration. When we are before the Lord call to mind all those personally known to you; the sick, the old, the troubled, those in need of work, the lonely, those who do not know God, those who have fallen away from the practice of the faith, the depressed, those struggling with addictions, countries afflicted by violence etc.

Make our requests big. Truly we should take Our Lord at His Word in this. I know of many people’s struggles, worries and intentions and pray for their intentions before the Lord. He will respond in His own way and in His own time. Have no doubt. I have seen many difficult situations resolved for people when I have brought their problems to the Lord in Adoration.

As you come to know more about people’s troubles bring them to the Lord. It is very good to pray for others before oneself. It is a tremendous blessing to be able to visit the Lord in Adoration. Pray for the whole world.

God bless you.


I would go more frequently if the time Adoration was more suitable. It is during a week day, only once a month. The other parish I attend does not appear to have adoration.


But doesn’t one of those parishes have the Blessed Sacrament reserved in the Tabernacle? You know, the red light on near the altar indicates his presence.
The sacrament doesn’t have to be exposed for us to sit in his presence.


You are right and I do sit quietly in his presence. Though in this thread my thoughts were more in the lines of Eucharistic Adoration.


This thread is so edifying.


I have heard of conversions taking place - by this silence.

Here we go again " The Power of Silence " book - lol

I remember this woman who told a story about how she saw a Angel at one of these -
She had a difficult home life - and after Jr… High school - would stop in the Catholic church -
she’d stay there, just to enjoy the quiet -
and then eventually began praying - church was usually empty at that specific time.

One day - she heard something…turned around…and up in the choir loft …
she said, stood an angel - with these large glorious wings, etc.
From that day - onwards - she had a deep profound peace - that NOTHING could shake.
( in her 50’s now )

I have my own unusual adoration story, but will save that for later :grinning:


You went and were with God. That can NOT be wrong in any way. You did fine. Just remember we must listen to Him as much as we ask of Him.

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