Adoration--GO if you can!


Also, if I may, stay for 30 minutes, pray for the intention of the Pope while you are there, and earn a plenary indulgence thereby for the poor souls in purgatory!


I have that book. Like others here, I, too, am a bibliophile (FYI, so was St. John Neuman :grinning:). Before the internet, I used to read a few books a week. These days, not so much. Consequently, I have a stack of books waiting to be read. Among them is The Power of Silence.


Please, everyone, continue to share your stories and adoration tips.

Our Lord and His Mother will bless this thread!


As a couple people have mentioned, very often you DO get this very profound sense of peace. That’s all you can say about it… a profound sense of peace.

Yes, it lasts.


You’re right, Stephie.

I went earlier this morning. There was, and it does. :sunglasses:


I love it when that happens! A couple of months ago, two of the scheduled hours after me didn’t show up because of last-minute illnesses and whatnot, and the office was closed that day so there wasn’t anyone to call - I got to spend three entire hours alone with Jesus.

It was a Friday. That whole week the church had been noisy during my usual adoration time, and two days before I had asked Jesus, just a leeeeetle teensy bit exasperated, “Could I please have some quiet time with you?” Et voila!


You did it right. Jesus sits there in the tabernacle 24/7/365, and all he’s doing there is… waiting for you. All you have to do is walk in to visit him and you did it right.


If you’ve never heard a talk by Venerable Fulton Sheen on adoration, I highly recommend it. I will link if anyone else is interested.


Thank you for posting this!

And I forgot to tell everyone here that when I went to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel this morning, I prayed for everyone on this thread asking both Our Lord and Our Lady to give you a blessing and extra graces, and especially asked for a special blessing and grace for Cajun who began the thread.


THANK YOU that was very sweet & kind. God Bless.


My former parish is starting up First Friday adoration for just four hours in the morning. I found out about it and signed up for the First Friday in June, but I’m the only one on the list. If no one else shows up, I plan on staying the whole morning.

It would be a shame if the priest has to drop it on account of lack of interest. But when you’ve neglected these practices for forty years or so in parishes, you have to expect that Catholics no longer see the importance of spending time with Our Lord.


Watch yourself, Spirit. Some of us are right behind you. :joy::joy::joy:


We have Adoration on Thursdays and Saturdays. I often don’t finish work on time for the whole thing, but even coming in five minutes before the end and just breathing in His presence is like a balm.
I actually dropped into church before work on Monday, and sat with Him in front of the tabernacle. I’m going to do that more, as a priority, because it made such a difference to the day.


Well, my close girlfriend, sadly passed away about six years back…
I was obviously shaken and grief struck at the time…but with time…
I guess you could say I incorporated it - as part of who I am…such is grief…

So about 3 years ago - I went to adoration - no one was there at church…
that’s when I noticed a woman in one of the front rows…I was 15 rows back…
it was her exact hair…even her shoulders…her calm presence…the shirt…
believe me, I looked on with absolute astonishment…

After 5 - 10 minutes, I got up, feeling blessed, and left…
never knowing if it was her…it was enough.
I smile, even while typing this.


Enjoy it while you can. :wink: Time flies by so quickly. 30 seems like it happened two or three years ago.


I’m like three years behind you. lol. I turn 45 in a month. :joy::joy: (My husband is 48 - he’s my late 40s meter.)

30 WAS that long ago. :joy::joy: Like last week.


You’re telling me. I’m in my sixties and 16 seems like last year. I say “seems.” :smirk:


This is the point where I say, “dang youngsters”. :heart::smile:


I bet the Colonel - feels like a sergeant - :innocent:


lol. Get off my lawn! :rofl: :wink:

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