Adoration Leaflet


I found a leaflet at church going to Adoration a few months ago that I found quite helpful. So I decided to make an electronic version of it, while keeping the original contact information in it.

Even though each hour before the Blessed Sacrament is different, sometimes having some text to guide me has helped me recollecting my thoughts.

You can find it at Print it on both sides of a sheet and fold it in three.

I hope that it’s helpful to you too.



That’s so great, thanks!! :slight_smile:

I have a little book I sometimes read at Adoration that I’ve found helpful as well… and recently I saw it’s available online:

it’s made up of prayers and meditations written by St Liguori. They’re not to be said like Our Fathers or Hail Mary’s but rather as a starting point for personal prayer.

I highly recommend making an Act of Spiritual Communion when you go to Adoration! This has helped me so much! :slight_smile:

God bless!


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